Luffy Appeared In Dragon Ball Before One Piece Launched? Not Sure...

One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda is a huge fan of Akira Toriyama, best known for creating Dragon Ball and designing Dragon Quest's characters. Oda really digs Toriyama's work, but was the One Piece character Luffy inspired by Dragon Ball?

A Chinese net user uploaded a panel from what's supposedly an old Dragon Ball manga. In it, you can see the back of a straw hat (kinda like Luffy's) and a skinny character in a tank top (kinda like Luffy). This seems to be the only place that this character pops up.

Here's the catch: the original Dragon Ball, where this was apparently discovered, ran until 1995. One Piece didn't start until 1997.

So did this panel influence Oda? Not sure. Maybe. Or maybe it's just a kwinky-dink. Or perhaps it was unintentional.

I do know that Oda and Toriyama worked together on a manga called Cross Epoch, which featured both One Piece and Dragon Ball characters. The above panel does not seem to be from that special collaboration.

原來海賊王也是臨時演員出身... [Orzzs via 秒刊SUNDAY]


    Guy in a straw hat? Gasp, it must be him!

      Slow news day

    You can see new PS3 slim design in the top right. Dammit Sony, is there anything you wont steal?!

    The back shows a straw hat similar, yet the front clearly shows a cowboy hat. You guys at Kotaku are bored......

    @MrBS Haha. Actually, that looks like a Move controller in the bottom left!

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    Did he really type that out?

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