New Model Of The PlayStation 3 Revealed

We have the PlayStation 3, then we had the PlayStation 3 Slim. Now we have the PlayStation 3... slimmer? Sony has just announced a brand new model of the PS3 that's 25% smaller and 20% lighter than the current model. It also comes in two different colour — black or white.

The black console will be out on October 4, while the white model will be out on November 22.

The 500GB model is selling in Japan for 29,980 Yen, and the 250GB is retailing at 24,980.

We're currently chasing up the local, Australian price, and will update when we get anything concrete.


    If the scale with the controller in that pic is accurate, that's quite a bit smaller

    Why in the hell???

    Woot maybe slims will have another price drop now :)

    All I can say is why? 25% smaller isn't exactly a radical revision.

    Also, I guess this means there won't be news on a PS4 any time soon.

      The main reason for it would be cost reductions.

      Were you expecting a PS4 announcement any time soon? E3 next year at the earliest, I would have thought.

    Woot - maybe slims will have another price drop now :)

    needs more bells & whistles

    Probably looking at $299 for 250 and $349 for 500gb, if that works with current currency values

    More pics here

    I see this as good news. There's a few more years of support for PS3 yet.

      Great, another 3 years of another console holding innovations in graphics back.

        obviously you never lived through the cga, egc, vga era of gaming you knob. be thankful for what you get, dont like it make your own.

          "dont like it make your own"

          I'm not even taking your post into account given how stupid this kind of argument is. "LOL I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU DO BETTER". Obviously no because I'm not a gigantic corporation with the resources to make a console that is popular worldwide. If I did have any kind of influence over this kind of thing you bet your ass I'd be bringing out some faster and more advanced hardware ASAP.

            Then you are an idiot.
            The reason they don't change the specs is so is some-one buys a PS3, ALL PS3 games play on it, they want to make a decent return on the investment they made developping the hardware.
            "If I did have any kind of influence over this kind of thing you bet your ass I’d be bringing out some faster and more advanced hardware ASAP."
            If you constantly did this, you wouldn't have "any kind of influence " for very long.
            “dont like it make your own” is exactly how PC gamers work (we don't build the components, but we do upgrade our machine from time to time.

              Not really, Invid, it worked perfectly fine for all previous generations since 1986.

          I did, and I still think your comment is retarded.

          "Yeah, my bad. I'll just go pop down to the factory I own and tell them to make me a better console."

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

          This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        Dude, seriously, developers make games not the consoles themselves.

        Thus innovation is held back by the lack of effort by developers when making games.

        If it is not the developers holding games back then it is the question for the ol' Dallas that is doing it.

        There is more to gaming than graphics and more hardware does not equal more complex or better games.

          And why would a developer put any effort into something so difficult? I respect Crytek a huge amount because they had the balls to try and optimise Crysis 2 on Xbox 360, which would have been no easy task considering that if you got a PC with the same specs as an Xbox and tried to run Crysis 2 it would be absolutely unplayable due to lag. If the hardware was better developers would have more incentive to put extra work into graphics power because there is less of a potential problem.

            Not to mention the fact that an console is just an custom based PC-in-a-Box, and also an interesting fact is that Xbox360 had the first commercially available 3-core cpu at the time,and the PS3 having an 7-cell cpu at the time... Some of you need to start listening to actual engineers on the differences (pro and cons) of PC (moduler) and console (standardised) computer platforms and stop sprouting this Gibberish!

              I do not mean to be rude, Hperthx, but I would avoid saying that consoles are custom based PC-in-a-box.

              For the most part, consoles are PowerPC based thus do not use the x86 architecture that PCs has used for decades. There were a few over the years, the Original XBox for one and nother I cannot recall the name of right now, but mostly, its PowerPC.

                PC in an general term, as in Personal Computer.

      Didn't they release an ultra-slim PS2 well after they changed to focusing on the PS3, just to cash in on people buying cheap and plentiful PS2 games?

        Hopefully they do the same here. I wouldn't mind playing some of these exclusives like Uncharted, God of War, and I'll be able to if the price drops.

    Better have rear USB this time round... *looks for images of rear*

    No. FFS.

    Creating an entirely new design meant inventing entirely new technology.

    And this is why when we tried to get our PS3 that died a week and a half after purchase replaced on the weekend we were told there are no new PS3s in the country at all. They were all removed to make way for this new version.

    From official PS3 website "Available from 27 September 2012, the new PS3 system is available in a wallet-friendly 12GB version (AU$299.95RRP) and a whopping 500GB model (AU$399.95RRP). So whether you're after instant access to memorable, fun-packed evenings with the family, or want to load up your system with tons of fantastic entertainment, we've got the right PS3 for you."

      Only $100 difference? You'd have to wonder why anybody would go the 12Gb. Although I guess the ability to use off-the-shelf HDD's (I assume this new model still allows you to do that) means it could make sense if you can get a 500Gb (or larger) drive for less than that and can be bothered doing it.

      12GB? what the hell, do they even make HDDs in that size?

        It wouldn't be an HDD, you wouldn't think - just on a chip like you'd get in a phone.

        Perhaps it is a typo and they mean 120GB? Given many modern games expect to be able to install on the order of 4GB to the HDD, a 12GB model would be a support nightmare.

    12GB version - A$299.95 & 500GB version - A$399.95 CONFIRMED. 250GB only launching as an upgradeable hard drive here. Available from Sept 27.

    Which features or inputs will they be removing this time?

      PS3 Go!, now with no disc drive? I think my original PS3 was the prototype, its drive died after a year so I had to rely on PSN content...

    Looks like it has a disc tray this time.

      I was wondering about that a few months ago. In a PS3 firmware upgrade a while back they quietly changed the "Eject Disc" option (in the XMB when you press the triangle button) to "Remove Disc", which suggested to me that there was a new version coming without a mechanical loading mechanism.

    I'm guessing it's cheaper to produce.

    It looks nicer than the current slim.

    Also i am calling this model the slim slim, or how about the PS3 Athlete?

    $299 for 12GB model, $399 for 500GB model

    iPlaystation 3GS

    Does anybody else think it's hidious and cheep looking? I quite like the current PS3 slim and was neutral on the original.

    I wonder if the tray cover is motorised?

      With customisable sound effects?

    EB just announced their release dates at preorder prices...
    500gb + 2 controllers + little big planet + FIFA 13 = $398
    $198 if you trade in a 160gb slim
    or $298 for the 12gb package
    available 27th september. preorders are open now

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