Now You Can Summon A Dancing Bear In Skyrim (It Can Also Play A Musical Instrument)

At no point during my time with Skyrim did I ever want or require the ability to summon a dancing bear that could play Dick Dale's Misirlou on a Ukelele. That thought never entered my mind at any point. But now that it exists? Its existence makes absolute perfect sense, as though it was meant to be.

This bear is talented. Usually it is the job of bears to rip your throat out, or eat salmon or something in those awesome nature videos. A dancing bear that can also play an instrument. This is genius.

Apparently you can download the mod here, but I followed the site, and it looks super dodgy, a fact which is not helped by all the scary Russian text I can't read. Still, watch the video, enjoy the bear, and move on with your live safe in the knowledge that you just watched a virtual bear, dancing with a Ukelele.

Thanks Tom!


    lmao!!!! That's fantastic!!!! Love how the bear is lip synched to the minor amount of vocals :D

    Then she sighed and squealed and kicked the air!
    My bear! She sang. My bear so fair!
    And off they went, from here to there,
    The bear, the bear, and the maiden fair.

    Yes, cruelty to animals is very funny.

    The woman at 0:25 is just like, "I am not seeing this, this is not happening..."

    Sheogorath would approve. Unless he feigned anger to appease the loathsome pre-eaten cheese nibbling his toesies.

    I'd download this in a heartbeat if it functioned like an epic Throw Voice shout

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