One Of The PC's Best Strategy Games Is Coming To The IPad

As hinted at a month ago, Paradox Interactive, masters of the big PC strategy game, will be shrinking one down for play on something a little more portable.

Hearts of Iron, the company's big World War Two series, will be hitting the iPad on October 4.

Those wondering just how it's been shrunk down, there's not much gameplay to be found in a live-action clip starring make-believe Nazis, but a few shots at the end seem to suggest the interface has been streamlined a little for the touch-screen input.

[via Pocket Tactics]


    Yeah cause this belongs in the PC section..

      When a game is multiplatform, Kotaku uses only one header on the top.

    I guess it would fit better than Europa.. Dunno how they'd do it though.

    iPad is an awesome platform for RTS imo, but every one I've played has either been far too simple for my taste or trying to keep PC mechanics. Someone will find that sweet spot with controls suited to touch and gameplay and it'll be awesome.

    OMG!!!! Something is being released on the PlayBook! I might finally have to take it out of the box

    I wouldn't have thought the iPad has the power to run HoI. Keen to check out though, I sunk sooo many hours into HoI.

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