Ooh, Look At These Fancy Entries Into Our Atari Arcade Stick Competition...

You have until Friday to get your entries in to our barnstorming Atari Arcade Unit competition, and we've had some good entries so far. To inspire you I thought I'd post a couple of the new ones I've recently received. Some pretty nifty stuff so far...

For details on how to enter, head in this direction!

Garth Strong

Ben Cody

Liam Humphreys



    Oh crap - i knew i was forgetting something...

    Mine blows compared to these. Thanks for the kick to the self-esteem nuts, Mark.

    Ok, now i've actually got time, NOW IM SO TOTALLY MOTIVATED FOR THIS

    Awwww man... that first one looks ace. I wish I had the idea to do it from that perspective. They are the winrar for sure. :(

      The glows going onto the grid though looks rather rad :D

    Someone tell me if we can enter multiple entries or not.. That first one makes mine look horrid. XD
    I'd like to see if I could possibly rush another (Better) one in within three days.

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