Penny Arcade Expo Will Be Coming To Australia

Penny Arcade Expo Will Be Coming To Australia

Forget Europe. Put Canada out of your mind. New Zealand? Not a chance. No, Australia will be host to first international Penny Arcade Expo, if comments today from proprietors Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik are to be believed.

The planned trip to our shores was brought up at a Q&A session at PAX 2012, currently being held in Seattle in the US. At this stage, the pair have yet to announce what city will accommodate the event, though if I had to take a guess at some candidates, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast would all be contenders, with the first two the most likely.

Hopefully we’ll learn more in the coming days — one would think they’d have a venue, or at least a city or state in mind.

PAX coming to Australia, PAX Prime extended to 4 days next year [Joystiq, via VentureBeat]


  • Brisbane is a better contender than the Gold Coast. Seriously, the Gold Coast convention center is horrible. It was barely big enough for Supanova Gold Coast and EBExpo 2011, and it’s simply not a big enough venue for PAX.

    I agree that Sydney or Melbourne are probably more likely though. Having never been down there however, I don’t know what their convention facilities are like. PAX, and other American cons like it, tend to involve a lot more in terms of keynotes and panels than the conventions here in Australia have tended to have before. Does a suitable venue really exist?

    • Doubt it will be in Sydney as the exhibition and convention center is being rebuilt next year. GC convention center maybe too small, not that it would need to be too big , Good Food and Wine is a larger show with twice the number of exhibitors and pulling over 120,000 visitors annually. Even Sexpo pulls similar numbers to PAX at 60,000 per show.
      All the newer convention centres can accommodate seminar-like addresses at the same time as a large exhibition, with Melbourne actually being the venue that would struggle in that respect.
      Perth is actually the prime candidate, winning on all levels including a bloody lovely town for post-expo fun (the strip joints are out numbered by regular establishments unlike the GC).

    • I’m currently attending an international medical conference at the Sydney Convention centre. I’ve also been to PAX. The entertainment centre has 5 big exhibition halls, which would pretty much cover all the potential exhibitors. There’s also a lot of lecture theatre type spaces in the centre, big and small, so the panels could be covered as well. The biggest issue would be where they’d hold any concerts or similar. There’s the Entertainment Centre nearby, but that is seriously MASSIVE, as in Metallica and Justin Beiber play there, and I doubt PAX could fill it. The other things that would be harder to support would be things like the BYOC rooms and all night tabletop areas. I’m sure something could be arranged though.

      • I built the Medical show you are attending 🙂
        The Sydney Convention Centre is being demolished at the end of 2013 so hopefully not then

  • Obviously I hope it’s in melb since I’m from here but nonetheless I do fail to see how it would be much of an event comped to prime and east. Simply due to our location and publishers probably not caring

      • Comicon and Supanova manage to get decent celebs over, but i agree that it wouldn’t ever be as extensive a lineup as in the US.

  • I’d say if it’s Melbourne they’d get Melb Exb Centre (opposite the casino) or possibly the old exhib centre in Carlton. As for Sydney not sure. But both Melb venues could probably handle it.

  • Melbourne would be the better venue, due to having an awesome exhibition centre and great transport. Not to mention the ratio of gamers in VIC is alot higher than NSW will lead to a better turn out.

  • Maybe interested. But something fishy is definitely going on when a crass webcomic purports to be a ‘family oriented’ expo.

  • Not sure about other cities convention centers, but i do know that Melbourne exhibition center has a lot of auditoriums and what not attatched whilch would be great for panels IF pax is will to fork out the money of course.

  • Are you kidding me!? SWEET! This is like the next best thing to going to E3 in USA!

    I cannot miss this being so close to me, saving for a trip! It’ll probably be in Sydney, but a $300 flight to Sydney (probably) is better than a $2000 one to Los Angeles!

  • It will most likely be brisbane because thats where Yathzee’s from and bris vegas has held alot of gaming events in the last few years, more than sydney and melbourne.

    • None of those things mean anything. It’ll be Syd or Melbourne. Probably Melb because of EBX being at the Sydney showgrounds for the next few years (apparently).

  • Curious when they’ll do it. Late in the year most likely, which would pit it up against EB Expo and at least one Supanova at a minimum.

    Sure, we all know and want want want PAX, but the name doesn’t have any real traction in our market (yet). I’d buy a ticket today if I could, but again so much depends on release schedules and publishers and other business-jerk wrangling..

    tl;dr: YAY!

  • FYI you misread, It’s coming to Australia but not necessarily next year. The 2013 was about PAX Prime being a day longer.

    • I’d argue that, because there are more devs in melbourne, it would be better placed here. Plus turn outs for pop/cultural events are usually much higher in general here.

      Still I don’t think Sydney is bad. At least the companies flying here can have an Opera house to look forward to which may push a few more publishers to the event perhaps.

    • AGDC, Manabar, Freeplay, ACMI, Game Masters etc are all in Melbourne.

      Melbourne is the hub and has a much larger indie scene.

  • This is really interesting to me, because I was one of the few (if not only) Australians to attend the first ever PAX. At one point on the Sunday, Jerry pulled me aside, and commented on how he was impressed that I had come so far, and asked me where I was from. He remembered me from the previous day, and was impressed that he took the time to single me out and ask me, so I told him right away that I was from Perth. Not much of a story, I guess, but I wonder if that conversation stuck in his mind and that is why they decided to bring PAX to Australia, before choosing somewhere like Europe. If so, I hope that maybe that means they might be bringing it to Perth, but honestly that is probably just me adding too much meaning to a small event that was significant only to me.

  • This could be great, it’ll never have the major announcements of US developers who have a whole raft of local expos to announce their stuff, but this could be wonderful in fostering some more Australian developers and enticing them to stay in Australia instead of everyone leaving the country……and INDIE games!!!

  • Has to be Sydney at Homebush or the Convention Center at Darling Harbour.
    Either way I’ll travel to attend PAX next year.

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