Portal 2's Writers Originally Planned For Chell To Marry A Turret

Even for a game known for some really bent comic themes and recurring gags, this concept is way the hell out there, but Portal 2 was originally going to see Chell, the protagonist, get married to a turret.

Erik Wolpaw, one of the writers, revealed the idea at a panel at PAX yesterday. Wolpaw said Chell was going to encounter a lost tribe of abandoned turrets. She would then help them out, and ultimately the huge Animal Turret King (seen in that video above) would officiate a ceremony in which Chell was married to a turret. Wolpaw said that a "bride turret" was even constructed for the scenario, Game Informer reported, which would then follow you (as Chell) around after the ceremony.

Chell Almost Married A Turret In Portal 2 [Game Informer]


    I would have loved to see the faces of the exec's when the writers pitched this idea to them.


      Only Valve doesn't really have "execs". Just other colleagues really...

        I don't believe that handbook for a second.

          I do, why do you think Valve consistently release good games that take forever to develop?

          Because they have no-one to answer to but themselves.

    The lost tribe of turrets is a good idea.

    I rmember first seeing that Animal King Takeover announcement. Seriously the funniest game of this generation... Now, where's Half Life 3?

    "Bride" turret? So it would have been a same-sex marriage. Wonder if that's why they didn't do it...

      Knowing Valve they wouldn't give a damn if someone protested it, they base decisions on wether or not it'd be fun to play.

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