Potaku And The Comics!

Can Superman outrun The Flash? Could Batman beat Captain America in a fight? Could Wolverine beat the Hulk if he needed to? These are the questions we do not discuss in this week’s Potaku. We’re just going to talk rad and bad comic video games!

Welcome to the latest Potaku and this week we talk Comics! Whether it be good comic games, bad comic games and everything else in between! This week’s guests include Jimu and PatienceMaddox! Come and listen for a while won’t ya?

This week’s Community Playdate is a no brainer. Everyone gets to bro-op Borderlands 2! As usual this is at 8:30PM EST Tuesday, grab your guns, empty your loot bags and get ready to clean out Pandora one skag at a time.

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    Since you wont answer the hard hitting questions i will.

    1. No, the flash can run faster than the speed of light (depending on which flash tho i spose)
    2. Yes
    3. No, hulk and wolverine fight a few times and wolverine always comes off worse, hulk gets bored and rips him in half, and throws the parts in opposite directions.

      "3. No, hulk and wolverine fight a few times and wolverine always comes off worse, hulk gets bored and rips him in half, and throws the parts in opposite directions."

      Are we counting animated movies? Cos Hulk VS Wolverine had Wolverine definitely edging over Hulk.

        That animated one is actually based on a comic, where in the end the hulk gets bored, rips wolverine in half and then throws each part as far as possible in the opposite direction. (obviously couldnt have that in an animated movie for kids)
        But theres also the old man logan story (set 50 years in the future, post apocolyptic type world) where Banner (who can now control the hulks strength) defeats and consumes Logan, but Logan recuperates within Banner's stomach and bursts from within him, killing him....
        So wolverine VS HULK, hulk always wins, BUT the hulk can be killed if he is Banner, which gets hinted at lots during the comic book series, im fairly certain the ONLY person that could kill the hulk would be the sentry.

          just gonna say that the animated one (hulk vs wolverine) was definately not for kids, some nasty things happen to deadpool in that movie...

            Yeh but incredibly tonned down compared to the comic version lol.

    I've unfortunately missed a few episodes, but am listening to this one. How hard will it be to catch up on the story? :P

      You have missed out on where Shiggy slept with all the pretty ladies while
      Doc dealt with the murderous trolls

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