The Secret World Update Promises Continued Content, Despite Developer Difficulties

It's no secret that The Secret World has been facing some troubled times. Developer Funcom laid off half their staff earlier this month, which would seem to make the promised monthly content updates more challenging to release on time.

However, in his August, 2012 State of the Game announcement, Ragnar Tørnquist, the game's creative director and senior producer, reassured fans that the content is still flowing, and the team is still dedicated to the project. He also took a few digs at other recent big-name MMO announcements and launches, emphasising that The Secret World remains, in many ways, unique: "We're not going to play it safe. We won't be introducing classes or levels, elves or centaurs, and regardless of the competition, we won't back down from our original vision. We're going to keep doing what we're good at."

So what remains on deck in The Secret World? Tørnquist promised that even though Issue #2 of content updates has been delayed by two weeks, that Issue #3 is still on track to release on time. Details about Issue #3 remain scant, but it is promised to tie-in with Halloween and have cats in. As for the rest of what's on the horizon:

So what's ahead in upcoming issues? There's a ten-person raid in New York scheduled for October, and it's not like any raid you've ever played before. We have a bunch of auxiliary weapons on the way, and more character customisation improvements. We have a huge and exciting new feature pencilled in for Christmas, which ties into the achievement system and gives a lot more meaning to the usual 'Kill 1,000 Vampires' goals. (After all, who hasn't wondered what it would be like to have some vampiric abilities to play around with?)

We're creating intermediary decks with brand new clothing rewards; we have a ton of new missions and storylines in development; and we have a huge new adventure zone scheduled for next spring, bringing players back to Tokyo's Ground Zero, to face brand new threats, meet new characters, play new missions and explore an intriguing urban environment unlike anything you've ever seen in an MMO.

State of The Game — August 2012 [Funcom]


    I would play this game if it was a $60 box fee like Guild Wars 2.

    I would play this game if it was solely the subscription.

    I will not play this game, while its $60, a subscription and a micro-transaction system.

      As has been said many, many, MANY times before, The Secret World's micro-transaction system is purely cosmetic.

        I know. But its still something.

          Origin have it on sale 50% discount for the next few days so what do you have to lose? Even if you only play the first month it's no more expensive than most console games which usually take less than a month to complete. You aren't forced to subscribe, if you want to then fine, otherwise play something else once your time is up. Never could understand somebody unwilling to drop money on a game because they are scared they might like it. Also I don't think I could name any subscription MMO without optional micro transactions, since WoW added them so did everybody else.

        You are missing out. It is a blast.

    You can't compare TSW with GW2. TSW propose major content monthly while GW2 only each 6 months. It's quite normal that game works with a subcription system, the dev team aren't going to work free after all.

    Great game but not worth the monthly payment :( sad because it was soo different

      Sooo its not worth paying for a game that has major monthly content updates? also a game that is so different from the rest?

    Its 50$ upfront then 15.99$ per month and if the cash shop was purely cosmetic why do you need to buy bag space for 5,99$ or respecs from the cash shop, thats a bit tedious. Game is great but Funcom is going to go the same way realtime interactive went with APB, Its going to flop harder then my chair does at night.

      Where do you get your information? They don't even sell bag space or respecs in their shop, only cosmetic items (mostly not as good as those free in game anyway) and server transfers. Bag space is purchased with in-game money and there are no respecs.

    It'll go free-to-play eventually, but it has to get there first. I'm happy to support a game that rewards actual thinking in the mean-time.

    Heimriel's comment is typical of those detractors of The Secret World. They haven't played it, but they promote false information. There aren't any respecs in TSW. Bag space is purchased through in-game currency, as is a very large variety of clothing. If you want additional clothing, you /can/ patronize the Item Store, but you don't have to--and since they've given out close to 3600 free Funcom Points already through various promotions/offers, it's likely you never would if you were so inclined.

    Everything in the cash shop--everything--is optional, purely cosmetic, and none of it gives your character any sort of an edge (unless "looking good in your cowboy outfit" is an edge).

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