The Wii U Version Of Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Uses The GamePad Screen For Splitscreen Multiplayer

A live demo of the newest Call of Duty game showed off how Black Ops II's splitscreen multiplayer will work on the Wii U. Two players can go head-to-head with one playing using the GamePad's screen and controls and another using the controller to particpate on a big-screen TV. We'll have more on the Wi U version of Black Ops II soon.


    Eh wonderful

    Suddenly all the 'you're screening!' accusations now go only one way.

      You can face the other way / sit in the very next room.

    Cool..but I don't see any use for it...I noticed that Nintendo still didn't give us any solid details on what their doing with this Nintendo Network...that's what I want to hear and if its anything like the past, then I'm willing to be that Nintendo are too stuborn in their ways and that the Nintendo Network is still going to be shit.

      I mean seriously, what is this? 1997? Nintendo does know there is such a thing as the Internet and that 99% of the COD audience are playing online right? This ain't 1997 where we're all sitting around playing Split Screen.

      Technically speaking it's cool...but gimmicky at best...why not show me how your making Nintendo Network stand apart instead...why not try to sell me on why it is I want to play COD over Nintendo Network instead of anywhere else

        Split screen is very much alive and has always been a major selling point of Nintendo consoles.

        100% of the CoD players I know, play split screen with friends. As well as online, There's more to gaming than sitting alone at home playing online, you know that right?

    Either go on the screen easily viewable by your opponent, or play on a tiny screen - everybody wins!

    Cue the kids fighting about who gets to play on the tv screen ending in tears..

    I hate online multiplayer and playing games against people over the net is so more anti social than gaming with friends together.. Local multiplayer prayers have now been answered...

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