560 People Are Paying Black Ops II Online On The Wii U Right Now

Call of Duty: Black Ops II is now out on the Wii U. It's just not being played online that much. Too many people still at work or in school? Console too new? People drawn to other Wii U games? Everyone distracted by the surprisingly terrific Miiverse?

It's early days, so these stats will be interesting to watch. Expect them to grow.

For comparison's sake, the Xbox 360 version of Black Ops II had 800,000 people playing online on launch day.

Call of Duty never sold as well on Wii as it did on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but it could still approach and surpass a million in sales. We'll see how popular this one gets on Nintendo's new console.


    I remember reading on a forum (I think maybe neogaf?) that someone was surprised that there were 40K people simultaneously on the Wii version of BLOPS 1, which is pretty good I'd say. I don't think BLOPS 2 will reach that, but maybe Modern Warfare 4 will, once more people have a Wii U.

    Also keep in mind atm the aussie hosting service from try/act is stuffed, from 20 minute waits all the way upto 2hours in some cases.
    mixed with horrendouse lag in game... so lots of people probably offline waiting for it to get fixed

      I have never had wait time that long or lag that severe:/

    its all over the forums atm mate, lots of people not effected but lots more are.

      What version? Had no problems on the 360. Green bars pretty much every match, even in hardcore modes (where it matters the most).

        PC, Xbox and PS3, but like i said not affecting everyone, it also seems more prevelant on PC by the looks of the forums.
        up untill friday afternoon every game i played full bars, now im lucky if i get 2.... but yeah hardcore of course softcore is for the weak.... and when i want to play demolition

        I've also dropped from 130 FPS to 60 for no reason... so im thinking that last patch may have stuffed something up royally.

        Last edited 20/11/12 3:52 pm

    Nintendo owners tend to be more campaign players followed by multiplayer. Give it a week or so

      This is one of the stupidest assumptions I've ever read.

        No it's not, it's actually probably very accurate and I totally understand what he/she means and where he's/she's coming from

    Dudebros hate Nintendo, that's why there aren't many players online.

    Or its just a terrible game.

    Wii U's only 2 days old ya know? And there's better games on Wii U than BO2, ya know?

    even Scribblenauts Unlimited is better than Black Ops 2. Please dont get me started with the graphic comparison, dont think graphic, think art.

    Man, people don't get Nintendo hey. Why would we buy a WiiU to play COD?

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