This Guild War 2 Video, In Its Own Way, Is A Miracle

Maybe we don't take enough time when playing through video games. Maybe we rush through. Maybe it would be useful, once in a while to just take a look at your surroundings and say to yourself, 'this universe, this world that has been designed and built from scratch, is simply an amazing place to visit, and exist in'. I think this is what this awesome Guild Wars 2 video says to me, personally.

One of my favourite things about visiting video game studios is the concept art dotted around all the walls — physical drawings dreamed up by an artist — it reminds me that every single gaming environment I engage with, exist in, had a starting point, that it began life as a very human impulse. It reminds me that someone had to imagine this place, and take the first steps to bring it into being. Too often I think we take that fact for granted. 'This is a place that exists, and has always existed,' we usually say to ourselves, if we even think about it at all.

No. Someone imagined this. Then they painstaking drew it, then a team of people set about the task of trying to design it as a fully interactive playable space. In its own way, it's a miracle.

So, despite the fact that I have never played Guild Wars 2, and will most likely never play it, I found the above video quite inspiring to watch. I hope you feel the same way!

Thanks Tim!


    I've been playing this game daily for at least a couple hours every sit down. I have to say, the art direction in this game is second to none. It's absolutely beautiful in every regard. It feels natural and vibrant.

    A place I wish was real. More so than any other virtual world I've come across.

    The art style just gets better and better as you progress, amazing game

    I think I'd pop my MMO cherry, if I had the specs to run this.

      It actually has VERY generous specs, granted it doesn't look as nice on a lower end rig, but the art direction is still there to appreciate... but no full reflections... dear god the reflections on water are beautiful.

        It probably does, but my puter starts chugging on Half Life 2

        the lighting work is excellent. When I'm walking on a hill, depending on where the in-game sun is I can sometimes see the hill's shadow and my own shadow on a nearby hill/plain. If I just, it jumps correctly, if I move around/dance etc it follows me correctly. I even saw accurate shadows for background ambience type birds that fly in the sky

    The sad part is more people will probably watch this video than the actual vistas in the game. They really shouldn't have made them a part of map completion, it's so depressing watching 90% of people click the vista then end it straight away and run off. Dat mmo mindset is the greatest boss in this game.

    But yes, it is a gorgeous game, I turn off the UI more often than I can count to just immerse myself in the world they've created.

      I've been guilty of that, but only on vistas that I've seen before though, since I have plenty of alts

    One of the things I love most about GW2 are the viewpoints you can find around the map. It's so rewarding to climb up to one and just sit back and watch as you look at this amazing world they've created.

    looks amazing. its 3rd person though right?
    i wonder how long i would need to seclude myself away from technology to come back to the world and be blown away by a game as real as Avatar graphics.

    No appreciation at all the ones that click the vista then quit straight away. I have enjoyed every one so far. Also great game.

    I totally agree with all of this, I absolutely love the art work. I bought this game the first day it came out and I haven't put it down since. Heck, I even started my own blog because I just loved the community and the whole that is Guild Wars 2. Now I just gotta find a copy of the books, haha.

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