This Humble Indie Bundle Just Got Ridiculous…

This Humble Indie Bundle Just Got Ridiculous…

We’re used to Humble Indie Bundles featuring great games, and huge amounts of great games, but the Humble Indie Bundle 6 just got a little bit ridiculous…

The original bundle featured Rochard, Shatter, S.P.A.Z., Torchlight, and Vessel — which is already quite the haul — but now it has added some real firepower to the line-up with some absolute classics.

Pay more than the average ($5.94 at time of writing) and you now get Dustforce, BIT.TRIP.RUNNER, Gratuitious Space Battles, Jamestown and Wizorb. As I said: ridiculous.

Head here to pick it up.


  • It was good before, and it added more?!? They didn’t even email me to tell me I had 4 more games lol.

    DRM free copy of Jamestown FTW. Love that game.

    • Rochard seems to be platformer (I haven’t played it yet).

      Dustforce is a kind of puzzle platformer where you play a janitor sweeping up dust with as much speed and style as possible.

      Torchlight is an RPG/adventure game similar to old-style Diablo. Torchlgiht 2 recently came out and is very popular, so I plan to spend some time with the original to see if it’s my “thing”.

      SPAZ is a top-down strategy/shooter where you manage resources and explore the galaxy with an ever-expeanding fleet of ships, engaging in battles against Space Pirates and Zombies (and bounty hunters) and is quite addictive.

      If you’re not interested in a story, Gratuitous Space Battles enables you to build a fleet of ships within a set budget (and design your own ships) to do battle against other fleets of ships. It’s fairly addictive.

      Bit.Trip runner is a rhythm-based speed platformer where you run/jump/kick your way through various obstacles, and I highly recommend it, especially if you have a gamepad for your PC (keyboard controls are functional but a little clunky).

      Shatter seems to be kind of like Breakout in gameplay but there’s more to it than that. I haven’t played it yet but it looks interesting.

      I can’t tell you anything about Shatter, Jamestown, Wizorb or Vessel.

      • I wouldn’t call Dustforce a ‘puzzle’ platformer so much – it’s like a much friendlier, more stylish spin on the Super Meatboy style challenge platformer. Vessel on the other hand is a nifty physics based platformer where you manipulate liquids and control cores to make helpful critters to complete puzzles for you.
        Shatter is a pretty spiffy Breakout game – one of those ones that never really got the recognition it deserved.
        Jamestown is a bullet hell shmup set in 17th century British Colonial Mars – brutal but fun, and designed with co-op in mind.

        • In all fairness, I only played the tutorial. I think this is another one I’ll want to play with a gamepad (much like Super Meat Boy), but it doesn’t seem to support it natively, so I need to get a program to set up the inputs manually.

    • Nah man, your purchase is automatically updated so you should be able to download them all via your profile (and/or redeem a code for them on steam).

      Check your profile on the Humble Bundle site!

  • This is one of those ones which is a ‘humble’ bundle only in name – all pretty much top-tier indie titles!
    I already had them all on Steam but put in a few dollars for DRM-free versions and soundtracks.
    (this is a good example where sales and bundles don’t devalue these titles – they just split the income over multiple rebuys :p)

  • I already have everything that has been added to the bundle , good thing I bought it for what was in it not what could be added 🙂

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