The Humble Indie Bundle Now Features Every Significant Indie Game Ever...

Alright, so that headline is hyperbole, I admit it, but sweet lord: name most of the significant indie games released over the last three or four years — I'm certain this bundle features most of the games I'd expect people to name. The Humble Indie Bundle 9 was already a great bundle, featuring Mark of the Ninja, Trine 2, and FTL. Now it's gone to a whole new dimension.

So let's reiterate. Before, the Humble Indie Bundle 9 featured Trine 2, Mark of the Nina, Eets Munchies Beta and Brutal Legend at the base level. If you paid more than the average you got perhaps the two most valuable games in the package: Fez and FTL.

Now, post update, the bundle features all of the above games plus Bastion and Limbo. Two of the most high profile indie games I could name. But that's not all. The bundle also adds A Virus Named TOM and Rocketbirds: Hard Boiled Chicken.

So now, if you pay more than the average price (currently sitting at $4.65) you get...

Trine 2 Mark of the Ninja Eets Munchies Beta Brutal Legend Fez FTL Bastion Limbo A Virus Named TOM Rocketbirds: Hard Boiled Chicken

Truly, that is just stupid value for money. Stupid.

Humble Indie Bundle 9 [Humble Bundle]


    One of the best bundle ever. Already owned a few of them and I bought them all again anyway

    I was really hoping the article image would be a pile of Bastion discs.

    I think if it also included VVVVVV and Machinarium you could probably describe it as compulsory to own.

      Green Man Gaming has VVVVVV on indefinite sale basically. :)

      VVVVVV. :( Such a great game. I want to live VVVVVV.

    Bought the bundle last week as Fez and FTL had been on my wishlist for a while (I was waiting on a sale).
    I activated and went to check out the games over the weekend and started with Mark of the Ninja. Boy did that game take me by surprise!
    I haven't played any of the others yet. The bundle is worth is for Mark of the Ninja alone.

    I got this last week also and gawd damn I can't get enough of ftl.

      I got that at launch. Be careful, that game nails the "just one more go" impulse really well. I still have to unlock a couple of ships. I'm quite ashamed about that.

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