Tomb Raider's First 14 Minutes Are About Jumping (And The Slaughter Of Deer)

The new Tomb Raider was at PAX. Were you at PAX? Me neither, so this is the first I've seen of the demo that was running over the weekend.

It goes for 14 minutes, so you might want to make a cup of tea. When you do, and get back, you can join me in making "and I thought they smelled back on the outside" cracks once she starts her hunting expedition.

Tomb Raider PAX 2012 Demo [GamesRadar]


    need this game real bad. looking excellent as a tomb raider reboot

    I hope they fix up the overlay, white hexagons in the rain are a bit deterring.

    Thought they smelled *bad* on the outside.


      It seems that people care less and less about what they write on the internet, aiming to just "get it out there".
      I'd guess this was done on an iPad, considering what appears to be an autocomplete error. I would personally be embarrassed to be making these kind of mistakes.

    This game still looks clunky to me. Although the decision to reboot it is a good one, I feel like people aren't really looking at the gameplay enough, giving it a pass just because it looks good and and because the franchise has caught up to recent storytelling standards. IMO of course.

      Im struggling to see any real gameplay.
      It was 14 minutes of scripted sequences with occasional button presses, all the while holding the stick forward.
      Looks great, yes, but not much gameplay there at all.

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