While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone! News. Come and get it!

I think the biggest news coming in overnight is the fact BioWare's founders have announced retirement. Considering some folks already have the idea that BioWare is heading in the wrong direction, you have to wonder why the pair are leaving? They're both pursuing other interests though, outside games. Maybe they're just a little tired of games themselves?

PC players will be chuffed to hear that the Borderlands 2 port is a pretty good one. Far better, at least, than its predecessor. Get all the details here...

Dead Island has a new trailer? I won't be conned by that again! LittleBigPlanet is as good a reason as any to turn your controller into a goddamn Batarang, and Call of Duty: Bark Ops is the most touching war game ever not made.

In Short BioWare Founders Announce Retirement Borderlands 2 Really Does Boast An Impressive Array Of PC Settings New Dead Islands First Trailer Not As Amazing As The First Dead Islands Trailer Call Of Duty: Bark Ops Is The Most Touching War Game Ever Not Made LittleBigPlanet Vita Is An Excellent Reason To Pick Up A Nyko


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