Bayonetta Loves More Than The Wii U -- She Loves Her Fancy Outfit

Bayonetta is one of the most iconic, memorable characters to appear this console generation. Whether it's her glasses or her bodysuit, she's iconic! No wonder cosplayers love dressing up as her.

And since her debut in 2009, that's exactly what cosplayers have done: Bayonetta often shows up on game and geek events throughout Japan, with cosplayers wielding her dual pistols and wearing her skintight duds. But the character isn't just a home team favourite.

Here's a look at some, but not all, of the best Bayonetta cosplay from around the globe. The outfits and the accessories are most impressive. But let's try to figure out who pulled off the best Bayo. Might as well bide our time while waiting for Bayonetta 2. It's a Wii U exclusive, you know.

Top photo: Eichi Daran/yoru0704/Nebulaluben




[Eichi Daran]











    Why in Gods green earth is there a dude in there..

      For a second there i had to do a double take, was like 'thats a dude ... why is a dude dressed up as bayonetta' ....

        What has been seen can not be unseen!

      He's that one little boy who wanted to partake in the little girls beauty pageant and was told no. Now no one can stop him. You go... girl!!

    I see no issue. You have many females doing their take on male characters, why not the reverse?
    Go son!

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