Episode Five Of The Walking Dead Should Be Out By December

Maybe your bandwidth sucks or memory storage space in your device of choice is at a premium. But if you haven't played Telltale's excellent Walking Dead games yet for the above reasons, the developer will be going to make it a bit easier for PS3 and Xbox 360 owners this Christmas.

The episodic adventure experience based off of Robert Kirkman's award-winning comics will be coming to retail in two flavours, Telltale announced today. The disc will offer all four of the currently released episodes, along with the yet-to-debut Episode Five finale. The standard version will cost $US29.99. The $US69.99 collector's edition — exclusive to GameStop — will come with a giant Walking Dead Compendium collection, which assembles the first 48 issues of the comics series. That's more than 1000 pages, in case you were wondering. Great comics and great gameplay all in one very attractive package.


    Does this mean we can finally play it in Australia? By means of import?

      Finally? I could have sworn it's been on the iOs, Mac and PC for a VERY long time now. It's easily available via Steam or the iTunes store for $25.


      I've been playing it on Steam, from your comment I guess it's not available on consoles here...?

        You can get a US Xbox live account and buy the game using pay pal, so easy and I would imagine similar for ps3 I dont see the fuss... Or you can play it on ios

    Why is this on the Australian Kotaku page?

      Because the year is 2012, Gamestop offer international shipping and the PS3 is region free.

        "Maybe your bandwidth sucks or memory storage space in your device of choice is at a premium. But if you haven’t played Telltale’s excellent Walking Dead games yet for the above reasons, ....."

        More because the game is banned in Australia. I'm definitely gonna import one in December though. I don't think the CE edition is worth it though, it would be cheaper to buy the game and the TPB separately.

          I don't recall the game being banned (though I may have missed that). It's still selling perfectly fine on Steam.

            Wouldn't mind a link to the source that says it is banned, because I certainly can't find it.

              it's not banned. they just never sent it to be rated here.
              because of that, i have no interest in supporting them. i bet they feel they still have a right to piss and moan about piracy too.

                That'll teach them.

                It was refused classification. Get your stories right before bashing

                  I'm stupid ignore me

    Not banned. Telltale games saved a few bucks by not applying for psn

    (typing on iPhone is brilliant...) psn or Xbox in case it was denied by the ratings board. Steam/IOS is still a little bit of a grey area so they were happy for that to be where Australians could play it.

      As said above nothing wrong with Us Xbox live account and pay pal lol works fine

    I love how my xbox thinks it's still in Ireland. This is one of my best games of the year.

    None of the series was ever banned. It simply wasn't sent in to be classified for some reason, This should easily be rated MA..

    Either way, imports FTW.

    I guess i'll be ordering this one in :), is this a good game as I love zombie games.

    Yeah sucks it got no release in Aust due to the series being behind, even though i just stream it anyways Meh

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