Halo 4 Shows Off Its New Forge Features

God bless those hard working user-generated content people — the folks that strive over games like LittleBigPlanet and Trials Evolution, giving us all something to do once we've finished the game we paid for. I salute you. As a fan of Halo, I particularly love Forge creators — some of my favourite maps on Halo 3 and Halo: Reach have been forged maps. Now the team at 343 has put together a new video describing some of the game's new creative functions.

I've slowly come round to the idea of Halo 4. I recently spent a good three hours with the single player, multiplayer and the new co-op feature Spartan Ops, and it felt like Halo. I realise how silly that sentence sounds, but Halo is a delicate thing — tinkering with the formula, as 343 has done, is a dangerous thing. I'm glad to see that, so far, it seems as though the team has managed to retain the unique feel of Halo while putting its own stamp on the series.

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    I have always loved halo campaigns, but can never get into multi for more than a couple of weeks.. i know this puts me very much on the outside of the majority. But im very excited for this.

    Halo 4 is going to be so Freakin AWESOME i can't wait ^_^

    I like many was initially sceptical when at E3 2011 when they not only announced Halo 4 but an entire new trilogy that was not being made by bungie and i had no desire to buy into what i thought was a milking of the franchise. However after this years E3 showing i started to pay attention again and every trailer since then has turned me from sceptic to an almost fanatical state about playing this game and is EASILY in my top 3 wants for this year (behind Assassins Creed 3 and in front of Far Cry 3).

    So much hype.
    So pretty. Hard to believe that this is the same hardware as Halo 3.

    That is crazy. Designing the forge system seems a lot harder than designing the game :\

    It's a shame those shadows don't interact with the player's gun. Sometimes it sucks being a total graphics whore.

    Still, I'm beyond hyped for this game. Love what I see so far!

    That asteroid map looks amazing. I'm really hoping there's a forged map of that one in the playlists.

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