Kotaku: We Now Have Notifications! (And Other New Things)

Kotaku: We Now Have Notifications! (And Other New Things)

You may have already noticed this — but Kotaku comments have been upgraded again! One of the most requested features ever has finally been implemented. Ladies and gentlemen — we have notifications!

And it all starts with this:

If you are a registered member at Kotaku, you will now receive a notification whenever someone replies to one of your comments: on regular posts, on news post, or Talk Amongst Yourselves. Everything.

In addition, users can also choose to receive email notifications, and can choose the frequency of these emails in your profile. Which is quite handy if you’re a regular poster and don’t want to have to deal with a zillion email constantly firing into your inbox.

In a pure genius move by our design team, Ben White and Rob Hussey, the emails are simply a summary of the notifications, not an email for every single bloody notification, meaning we won’t spam you with emails. It’s also worth noting you can completely disable emails if you so desire, and just use the notification system on Kotaku itself.

What else is new? Well, your profile is now available for the public to view. It’s also worth noting, again, that this is optional. If you want to switch your profile to private you can do so in preferences. The box you need to tick is here:

You can share and pimp out your public profile on Twitter, Facebook if you so desire, and there’s lots of little buttons you can click in order to do so.

And finally — our last new feature — bookmarks. This is important because it is one of the first suggestions made by our community that the design team totally stole and implemented! A lot of the suggestions being made by you guys may have already been planned or suggested internally, but bookmarks was a feature we totally overlooked! I’m making a big deal of this because I think it shows that we are listening to you guys and girls. We’re listening to what you like, what you don’t like, what you hate, and we’re trying to adjust accordingly. We really value all the feedback, and we try our best to respond to it! This is your site as much as it is ours!

You can find bookmarks here:

Okay that’s all for now! Thanks for reading and, as always, leave your feedback in the comments below — have fun everyone!


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