Let This 12-Minute Video Sell You On Virtue's Last Reward


    No don't watch it! save it for the actual game!!!...

    Nah just kidding. But everyone really should play the first one though; although getting all the endings would be real pain.

    Also, most emotionally intense session of Sudoku ever.

    American voice actors- ruining everything.

    Pre-ordered just then. Loved 999 and have been anticipating this since its announcement!!'

      Where did you order it from? I was thinking about getting this on the Vita, not sure where's a good place to order it from as I heard the EU version doesn't have English voiceovers? (might be an old news article, maybe it does have them)

        Amazon. If you go to the Virtues Last Reward website their is a link. Shipping was a little expensive, but I wanted it ASAP and with both languages haha.

    Interesting use of the Prisoner's Dilemma. I swear there are like only a small group of voice actors in America that do every role. I also tend to get Troy Baker and Nolan North confused.

    I'm not really sold on the game though. As much as I love visual novels, it all feels very contrived and the characters just don't strike me as interesting, but more clich├Ęd.

      999 was amazing all of the characters felt extremely real. I have faith in this even though a few of the characters seem off at first (The robot looking guy and the magician)

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