Medal Of Honor's Launch-Day Patch Notes Are Hilarious

There'll be a day-one patch available for EA's Medal of Honor: Warfighter (it's out later today), and as the publisher advises, you'd do well to actually download it before trying to play the game. Otherwise you'll run into an epic list of glitches and broken features.

Note that these are for a game that has passed certification on both consoles as being in a state fit to publish. You'd think things like not being able to join a party while in a game would stop that from happening, but according to BioWare's Manveer Heir, publishers can get around this if they "promise to have the Day 0 patch, ask nicely, are a big game, and pay a little".

While the list is long, my favourite of the lot is probably "Players can no longer join an invitation only party without being invited."

If you've got a cup of tea on the brew and fifteen minutes to spare, you can read the whole thing below.

MEDAL OF honour WARFIGHTER DAY 1 PATCH NOTES [EA, via @jeffgerstmann]


    EA.. is anybody suprised..? I'll answer on behalf of everybody ever, with a resounding "nope"

      How is EA responsible for the glitches and problems with this game?

        Pretty much lol, wouldn't it be Danger Close's fault?

        Because they are the publishers and are setting the release date.

          This answer is so obvious. Of course EA had a major part in this game being shipped as a buggy mess.

            The responsibility also rests in part with Sony and MS for actually allowing it through certification in that state.

          How does setting a release date cause a game to be buggy and glitched?



            A number of reasons. They own the property, many publishers and producers (in case you don't know) have an extremely heavy hand in the content and production of the game. Developers submit their final build to EA for them to say "yes" or "no". The responsibility of releasing a game lies with them, thus the release of a game in an apparent unfinished state lies with them and no one else. The developers could be incompetent for all we know and of course they bear some of that responsibility but the RELEASE of a broken game is on EA. Just as the developers may be incompetent, EA may have given them an unrealistic schedule. I can't believe i had to explain that.

              That's right, EA 'may' have given them an unrealistic schedule. And in the end, because its popular to hate EA at the moment, we shouldn't let our lack of knowledge colour our perspective on the matter, lets go with what is more fun or satisfying to believe.

              If Danger Close were given a realitstic, no doubt clear, schedule and had trouble meeting it, what choice does EA have? They are an investor run company, they have expectations and goals. It's not always a simple matter of some greedy fat cat squeezing out games at the expense of quality, even though its fun and juicy to imagine it that way.

    It's not EA, just DICE.

      Yep, just DICE.. oh wait.. MOH:WF is developed by Danger Close.. fail.

    Gonna' pretty much write this game off as a big bucket'o'shite after playing the Beta. Just let it be the 31st already.

    Not sure why we're all so surprised with Day 0 patches. It allows developers to keep working on the game while its gone to gold.

    With the digital gaming today, why is this a problem really?

      It's not so much the patch itself than the gigantic list of things that weren't fixed before the game was allowed to go gold. And yes, it is a problem if say, you don't play connected to the net --- which I recognise isn't many people nowadays but still, as a base product it's piss poor quality assurance.

      Last edited 23/10/12 11:05 pm

      This is the same EA who said it is OK to charge for DLC made after the game as gone gold but before release date as the game is considered done.

      They cant have it both ways.

        Read what you just said, and then think.

        If the game has gone gold, WTF do you think they would do? Sit around, and twiidle there thumbs? Fuck, man, you lot really must be thick in the head. I mean, really? Its a bussness. If we don't like it, we don't pay for it. Its that simple. Put your money where your mouth is, or don't say anything.

          I think (I hope) he's pointing out that they allow enough development time on certain games to have the thing finished early enough to move on to dlc within the time frame, as opposed to having a seemingly much tigher deadline on other games that don't get finished in time and pushing them out the door. It's a point of view that doesn't really take in to account unexpected delays but it does seem like they should know by now what a decent amount of development time is. Having said that, you are absolutely correct about DLC in general. Regardless of how it came in to being, we are not entitled to free content, it's just a nice bonus when we get it. And if you find something particularly shady, vote with your wallet or STFU.

          Calm down! I was pointing out that it seems these days they would rather ship a buggy game and use the gold time to make DLC than delay the game and use that time for testing.

    If the patch works then they may just avoid the broken launches we've seen with many of the top tier FPS games in the last 3 years. But I doubt it. Think I'll be sticking to BF3 for the time being.

    I remember certification being pretty strenuous. I wonder if there were some deliberate glitches added into the gold master to try and avoid 0 day piracy?

      I think most of the bugs are multiplayer related which pirates generally dont get anyway.

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