New XCOM Trailer Is Filled With Explosions And Green Goo

Don't worry: despite the theme and appearance of this launch trailer for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the game isn't a shooter. It's a strategy game. Which makes it kind of hard to sell, but hey.


    My *god*... its like all my next gen dreams came true at once :)



    The whole video is low-budget CGI. Gameplay over Graphics, so we'll wait and see.

    *facepalm* After all the effort they've gone through to reassure everyone that the changes they've made are for the better and the original X-COM atmosphere is maintained, they release this. Now we're going to have people thinking that it's about superhero soldiers running, gunning and jetpacking around the field, fearlessly shooting aliens in a cover-based, action frenzy.

    While really, it's about fragile troops who can be lost in a single bad turn hunting aliens in a tense and hostile atmosphere. I hope this is just the marketing department saying "No one's going to be interested in a turn-based game with fragile humans and nail-biting, tense gameplay. It needs more explosion, and guns and jetpacks!"

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