Nintendo Kills Off Another 3DS Colour

Those picking up a "Flare Red" 3DS might want to act soon. Nintendo recently revealed that the colour will soon be going out of production.

The colour was launched back in July 2011 in Japan. It was the third colour launched there, after Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue.

With the 3DS XL out (and new Red X Black XL), perhaps Nintendo wanted to scale back its 3DS colour line-up. Earlier this year, Nintendo ceased production on the Aqua Blue model.

Thanks Flare Red for all your redness!

カラーバリエーション [任天堂]


    Damn, I haven't picked up a 3DS, but when I eventually do, I would have chosen Aqua. Not sure which color now.

      I would've chosen the Aqua as well, but now I look at it, both are wayyy too light. Black seems like a good choice, I don't like a split of black and red/blue. Same thing with the Vita.

    I think it's called Flame Red in Australia.

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