One Man's Continuing Quest To Fix George Lucas' Star Wars Screw-Ups

The reason we're checking back on it today is that, years after Star Wars Revisited was released free of charge, it's recently been announced that we've nearly got our hands on the sequel, Empire Strikes Back Revisited.

Although originally planned for a late 2012 release, some personal stuff like relocating has slowed down Adywan's progress, meaning ESBR's release has been pushed back to 2013. Since we're already in October, though, that's not too far away!

You can read more about the project at its site, while those who haven't checked it out can download Star Wars: Revisited from fanedit's FTP (though you'll likely need something like this to get the download working).

Star Wars: Revisited [fanedit]

Star Wars: Revisited [Site]


    Bleargh, I'd never heard of this, but thought it Might be interesting and clicked on the link for more info. Wants me to sign in to Facebook. I know I'm probably one of the few people on the planet (in the western world anyway) who doesn't have a Facebook account, but having a site that is only a Facebook page is really annoying.

      Right here brother. No Facebook either. I I have better things to waste my time with. Like video games.

      Not a fan of Facebook either and never use it.

      Could not agree more. Hate any website that forces you to join before you can view content, but especially hate it when it's Facebook.

      I hate it when you need to like a company or tweet for them too.

      I'm a non believer. I have NEVER made a facebook account and only made a twitter account temporarily for a promo.

      No Facebook for me either, I've got more important things to do. Actually that's not true, I have more fun things to do than Facebook.

      Well, I have a Facebook. It's great for keeping up with friends and that are abroad or overseas of which, in my life, there are many.

    This website has ongoing news and information about the changes he's made or planning:

    Looking at the change list for both films it's amazing the level of dedication this guy has for the project.

    Here'e the real site:

    I thought that the original version WAS the fixed version for these fans (half snark, half serious).

    But, to be fully serious, why is it that the changes this guy makes are ok, but anything George Lucas does is evil?

      That's the way the Sith work, isn't it ;)

      George Lucas breaks everything he touches. This guy fixes it. Enough said.

        George Lucas created Star Wars.

      Because george lucas adds crappy CGI bits to the old movies that don't fit with them at all.

        I prefer the updates. THX-1138 is also another updated film that is taken to an whole 'nother level because of this. And the fact is, new generations of kids have been brought up on High Fidelity Special Effects and it's hard for them to accept anything less. And so Lucas stays current - if he didn't people would be whinging that he's an out of touch old fogie...

    Yet another link to illegal use of IP. I believe Han shot first but I do not own the IP. Good work Luke!!

      Wrong. George Lucas encourages and appreciates fan edits. He has even held competitions for unlicensed fan edits.

    Looks like an cheap hack, because it is.

    The re-edit is available through the torrents etc., remember the maker of the re-edits asks that you own the film on DVD or Star Wars and Blu-Ray for Empire.
    I liked the re-edit of Star Wars, there are two versions, a purist version and his version where he went all Lucas and couldn't resist adding in his own superfluous CG.

    Just terrible. This guy's work is just tacky and rubbish.

    i watched little bit of the lando clip. seems like he just made everything slightly brighter and more orange.

    I don't get all the George Lucas bashing. Star Wars is HIS creation and he has made it the way he wants to. If you think he does a crappy job how about you setup a film company and make your own scifi movies then once you have we can watch them and then criticize you for everything you did.

      Yeah, it's funny how alot of "fans" literally 'Bite the hand that feeds them.' All George Lucas should ever say to such whinging phonies is, "what are you on about, I am the creator of Star Wars." Not many people can say, "I created Star Wars." Only George Lucas can.

      I think he did a great job the first time. However I think having CGI characters (which now look dated anyway) inserted into far too many scenes in a movie from the 1970's where everyone is wearing rubber suits (which look fantastic btw) really ruins the watchability of the high definition releases.

      What are we meant to all just enjoy watching it on VHS if we don't like it, because George Lucas wanted to change the movie no matter what anyone else wanted, and make it more child friendly to make more money?

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