Robot Rising Is A Sexy 3D Action RPG That Just Happens To Be On Facebook

Robot Rising Is A Sexy 3D Action RPG That Just Happens To Be On Facebook


Robot Rising from Stomp Games and Tencent Boston is 3D isometric action role-playing mech game with a little strategy thrown in for good measure, and if I hadn’t mentioned Facebook in the headline you never would have guessed the platform it’s running on.

I’m ashamed for not mentioning Robot Rising sooner. Tencent Boston had been sending me emails about the game for weeks, but I’d gotten so used to having creators claim they were bringing a real video game to Facebook and failing to deliver anything remotely close I just… let it slip by. I think I tried to load it in early September but had my system lock up during the attempt (my system’s fault), and that was the end of it.

A tipster poked me about Robot Rising again today, so I decided to give it a go.

Wow. I mean, look at that. Wow.

It’s a little Diablo, only with a fully customisable mech. There’s a home base to build where you can research and manufacture new tech and items, but the meat… well, you see the meat. It’s explosive meat, built on the Unity 3D engine.

It really doesn’t matter what platform Robot Rising is on. Any game that lets me swap between stompy robot legs and treads in mid-mission auto-mechanically gets my love.

I am overjoyed to live in a time where a team of developers can create something so gorgeous, complex and fluid and just give it away for anyone to play online completely free. It this is where social gaming is headed, strap me in.

Now hit up the link below and add to your Facebook friends, dammit.

Robot Rising [Facebook]


  • Looks great (great graphics, smooth fluid gameplay), esp for a facebook game.

    However, it also SEEMS generic, devoid of life, lacks soul or any sort of engaging storyline or atmosphere. I’ll need alot more information to be convinced this isn’t just a graphics porn with no substance

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