Seems Like Wii U Games WIll Be Cheaper Than Expected

Seems Like Wii U Games WIll Be Cheaper Than Expected
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Well, most of them will — and that includes Nintendo’s first-party titles.

According to a report at Vooks, most Wii U launch titles will be priced at $79.95 RRP, far lower than previous estimates.

This includes games like New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which is said to be retailing at the $79.95 price point, as is Batman Arkham City: Armoured Edition, Scribblenauts Unlimited and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

There is mounting evidence to support that these price points are correct. Just a few weeks ago, EB had been taking pre-orders on Wii games at over $100, but now those prices have changed to reflect the lower RRPs. New Super Mario Bros., for example, is currently priced at $78.

There are exceptions: Call of Duty: Black Ops II, for example, seems to be priced at $109.95. But, for the most part, it seems as though we’ll be paying a little bit less than expected for most Wii U games.

Wii U game prices in Australia revealed, majority of games $79.95 [Vooks]


      • That price is more reflective of the CoD franchise. They wait forever to reduce their prices and even when they do it’s minimal. With it being a new release they will gouge anyone they can.

        • Yep. Been waiting for proper deals in steam and they never happen. Its always rubbish like over inflated prices discounted a few percent leaving a still over inflated sale price. They obviously do not want to sell units as only die hard cod fans would even consider paying the sale prices and you would be mad to pay full price . BF3 is usually cheaper and it is a world ahead of cod in all aspects unless your computer is a plank of wood. Cods advantage is its poor graphics allowing it to run on planks of wood making its pricing even more unjustifiable.

    • I seem to recall Street Fighter 2 on the SNES costing something ridiculous like $140-150? And that was in early 1990’s money. And we all sit around today complaining about $100 games…

      • To be fair, Super Street Fighter 2/Turbo was a big cartridge megabit-wise, and it used to cost heaps to manufacture the bigger cartridges. I remember paying hundreds for 4 megabytes of memory in the early ’90s.

        These days it costs no more to manufacture a 200MB game than a 5GB game. You are paying for saturation marketing and extra shareholder profits.

      • Agreed, Street Fighter was indeed expensive. As was Conkers Bad Fur Day for N64, retailing at $149.95 in AUS.

        All of these examples, however, are better than the bi-centennial release of Call of Duty though

      • Absolutely correct, I paid $150 for brand new Street Fighter II Turbo for SNES at an HMV store in Sydney back in the early 90s.

  • So still a 25% markup on US prices (assuming they’re not changing price from mainline AAA-class release pricing). Better! Definitely better. Could be even better, but this is certainly a good step.

  • Nintendo seem to be the only ones making progress on game pricing, hopefully other publishers follow! This is great news. Add the fact that stores in Australia always discount and we could end up paying the same price as they do in America.

  • This is about how much I expected Wii U titles to cost. When the PS3/360 came out, $110 felt absolutely ridiculous, especially when considering the near-grand console prices. $79.95 RRP seems a pretty fair price to pay for new games. I also expect that because of Nintendo’s progress on fair pricing, third-party support and innovation, the Wii U will be very successful.

  • I’m glad to see a lower price-point on Nintendo games, not just for the obvious fact that I’ll spend less money, but also because it’s a change in pace to what Nintendo traditionally do with their first-party titles. All through the Wii and DS years, first-party Nintendo games stayed at their $99.95 and $69.95 premium RRP’s for five years or more. If you wanted the best games, you had to pay top dollar, apparently. If they’re launching games at $79.95 now, it shows they’re being aggressive with their pricing across the board. Perhaps it’ll be to lesser the blow of the price of a second Gamepad.

  • Are they going to be nice and lower the RRP of 3DS games as well? I mean, a $10 difference between a home console and a portable one seems a little outrageous…

  • That’s a $20 difference with ozgameshop – it might be enough to make be buy 1 game from the local shop on the release day, and the rest will come from UK. I’d consider buying all of my games locally if they would bring the difference down to $10.

  • I’ll always be amazed at Nintendo’s pricing for its games.

    Just look at this: and this:

    They’re great games, but they should not still be selling at the biggest games retailer for $59, when this is selling at $59 too:

    I know they’re available cheaper elsewhere (local stock included) but it’s frustrating.

    • I was going to bring something like this up. . . It’s all well and good for Nintendo to lower the initial price for their game titles, but will this lead to a scenario where first party Wii U titles are $79.95 at launch. . . and still $79.95 3 years afterwards. . .

    • I think it’s because of the so-called “long-tail” effect of Nintendo games continuing to sell in bucketloads years after their initial release date. People just keep buying the games at that price so retailers have very little reason to reduce them.

  • I am almost dead certain Conker’s Bad Fur Day did not retail for $149 here. I distinctly remember (because it’s the most I’ve ever paid for a game) that it cost me $114, back when it was still new and loaded on the shelves.

  • It’s about bloody time that games got a lower RRP price!
    I think its fantastic that Nintendo are setting the trend.
    It’ll be interesting to see what discounts will become available too.

    I also hope that these new RRP changes will get applied to 3DS and DS games, as I think they are still too expensive and need to be lowered.

  • Ha, I remember carntieg a thread of the Sega forums saying this stage was confirmed months ago. (Sega had a stream and Tropical Resort had remixed music) Funny to see it finally confirmed.Not sure why people are complaining about this stage. Tropical Resort was one of the stages that represented Colors (Many Cutscenes were here and it was the center of the game.) It is a much better stage choice then the rumored Asteroid Coaster level.

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