Sleeping Dogs's New DLC Will Show You The Scary Side Of Hong Kong On Oct. 30

Square Enix managed to find a surprising success in Sleeping Dogs, their crime drama that takes place in a engaging open-world Hong Kong. Since the game's summer release, it's gotten DLC offerings that give players new racing or cop missions as well as packs filled with new customisation options but nothing in the form of new adventures for Wei Shen.

In a panel at New York Comic-Con, the developer of Sleeping Dogs says the game will be getting a new mode via downloadable content. United Front tells Kotaku the extension will be horror-themed, similar to Red Dead Redemption's "Undead Nightmare" from two years ago.

"With the DLC, we feel we can explore other aspects of Hong Kong cinema," United Front representatives told the panel. The DLC will release Oct. 30.


    Alright this Zombie shit needs to stop! It was fun for about 8 minutes, after that not so fun. If I want to play with zombies I'll just jump on Live and play COD with the mouth breathers.

      They didn't say it was zombies you idiot.

        Blow me. You'll see...

          You dont watch too many HK horror films do you? There arent too many zombies in them - its more supernatural themes, ghosts and other spooky themes.

          Yeah, I overreacted. But you did come off as a bit of a jerk.

            I know you are but what am I? And besides...Zombies, ghosts, they're all the undead really! Same shit. Different shovel...

      1) Might not be zombies. Just horror-themed. Horror can be anything from a supernatural threat (zombies, vampires, etc), to an additional mission-based campaign that aims to scare or startle, or a gorefest (serial killer perhaps).

      2) You don't have to buy it. I would suggest you don't.

        This is a much more mature and reasoned response than mine. Listen to this guy.


      I see you've gone with the less-Bateman, more-Zissou route...

    If I had to guess, it's a ghost/mystical story thing, kinda like "Big Trouble in Little China".

      Yep, I definitely vote this will be ghosts. There's plenty of ghost-based horror films from HK.

    Chinese Hopping Vampires aka Jiang Shi in this game would rock!

    Wait, so is there any story extension DLC out yet that I missed or are they going straight to this?

    Well, the quote does state they will be exploring other aspects of hong kong cinema, i'd say it is more likely to be ghosts or something else supernatural. Zombies are not as exploited in Eastern horror as they are here in the west, so if they are taking inspiration from HK cinema, it is unlikely to be zombies.

    I hate typing on my iphone.

    Pass. It may not be specifically zombie.. but it's a tired theme..

      Yea, I agree.

      But the reason they're doing this is because an actual story campaign would mean they need to pay the voice actors again.

      They'll want to do this with as little voice work as possible, which sucks. But that's the biz

    I already know the scary side of Hong Kong. As soon as you get of the boat, kids steal your bag under false pretenses. And the Pheonix Mirror is still in the bag.

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