That Latest Sign That League Of Legends Has Made It: Miss October Loves It

Here's an email I received yesterday from a PR person yesterday...

Hi Stephen-

Below please find information on Playboy's Miss October, Pamela Horton. The Playmate of the Month graces this issue's cover as well as the centerfold, and is an avid gamer and gym rat. She says: "I'm obsessed with MMOs! I love being known as every gamer guy's dream."

Miss Horton is available for interviews. Please let me know if you would like more information or images.



Eyeroll right?

No interview needed, I figured, but how genuine was Miss October's love of games> I was having a hard time believing a quote it seemed that no person ever really said. I figured this was all pandering. I was curious, so I tried the URL for what was supposedly her personal website. No dice. The page is under construction (and therefore 100 per cent safe for work at the time of posting).

A moment later, I found Horton's Facebook fan page, where she posts such things as "My friend let me play his Theatrhythm and I am going to GET IT RIGHT NOW OMG. I love it so much."

And here's where it gets so very 2012 and maybe says something about where gaming's at these days. On her Facebook info page, she lists her awards: "1355 Solo Ranked Rating in League of Legends! Captain Teemo on duty!" She then rattles off several of her favourite games, which include plenty of old-school stuff like Zelda and Earthbound. And there's League of Legends again, that free-to-play DOTA/MOBA that is one of modern gaming's most successful juggernauts.

Congratulations, League of Legends. There are many ways for people to get the message that you're big time. $US3 million pro tournaments are one thing. And stuff like this? It probably helps to.

Top pic via Horton's Facebook page



    So lemme get this straight: when a guy puts their gaming accomplishments on their Facebook page it's because they like video games, but when an attractive girl puts their gaming accomplishments on their Facebook page they're attention whores and don't actually like video games.

    It's a good thing she knew you were coming! Otherwise she might have put up gardening tips or something.

      Actually, if a guy was someone who is from a walk of life you wouldn't expect to actually be all that into gaming... yeah same eye roll effect. Don't just make this about gender, it's about the traditionally "cool kids" who once (and still do) mock geeks and their passions, until they see which way the money-wind is blowing, want that geek fanboy loyalty/exposure by pandering.

      I'll reserve my lifelong geek right to be suspicious until proof is forthcoming. Then they'll have their, "good for you" pat on the head. ;)

    "I love being known as every gamer guy’s dream.”
    my eyes did a barrel roll...

      that pretty much made it = publicity stunt

        If ti is legit, what then?

    Who cares if she calls herself a gamer! YOU'RE MISSING THE POINT OF THIS POST!

    Any person, regardless of gender, who likes Teemo, is legit in my books and deserves internet attention. Props all around! o/

    Well I guess it's only reasonable that if we get articles about Vin Diesel being a gamer then we should get notice of female celebrities who are gamers. Kinda like when Who Weekly puts out pictorials showing us that various celebrities have cellulite, too!

    Oh god she plays Teemo....most annoying character in the game.

      Same reason why Pikachu is the most remembered pokemon among most people >_<.

      It's cute.

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