The First-Person Medieval Slasher Chivalry Launches Today

Get out your swords and shields, today's the day that Chivalry: Medieval Warfare finally comes to Steam. We've been following this game for a while now, and Luke's even spent a good chunk of time playing the beta I'm really looking forward to seeing how the final game works, and how good the mouse-driven first-person swordplay really is. (Though, as the trailer above is sure to note, you can also play Chivalry in third-person.

Between this and Dishonored, it's been a heck of a month for good first-person swashbuckling. I'm looking forward to digging in to the game and lopping off some heads.


    Had a quick go at this in the beta and it was pretty darn enjoyable. I enjoyed the skill involved in fighting really well, but found there was still a bit of luck to it. Will pick this up when it goes on a steam sale or something :P

    Reminds me of Mount and Blade (which I loved) I really would like to give this a go if I can stop playing Guild Wars 2.

    Yea this game looks pretty awesome but is it only multiplayer or does it have single player with bots or even some sort of campaign?

    Ahh any comparison between this and War of the Roses?

      Chivalry is much better than War of the Roses, tighter controls and a vastly better camera.

    war of the roses is awesome, I find to brush up on swordplay enter a duel game mode and most other players are accommodating to new players and will help them with their combat. a good community and the 64 player matches are great fun


    My immediate thought was that this was a standalone, new and shiny version of the 'Age of Chivalry' mod for Half-Life 2 :P

    Tis only a flesh wound!

    It's alright but I like War of the Roses much better.

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