This Is The First Piece Of Artwork From Grand Theft Auto V

The Grand Theft Auto series has always had some fairly distinct artwork — that sort of stylised, primary colours thing with caricatures of some of the main characters. You may remember the girl with the lollipop being on every video game magazine cover back in the day. Well, now that we appear to be on the brink of a deluge of info, Rockstar has released the first piece of art from Grand Theft Auto V. It's called 'Pest Control'.


    The artwork gives the impression that this might not be so serious and bland as 4 ... but the trailer tells a different story.

    Hope I can day one this sucker with at least steam, gta4 on gfwl was a pain on the neck

    Boner time!


    Every time i see a new piece of media for GTAV, it restores massive faith for me as i hated IV with a massion passion and need something to restore my love of GTA

      How on earth could you hate it?

    why do i get the feeling the rest of that shop is meant to be called anna rexia?

      Anna Rex was a brand seen on a billboards in GTA IV. Shows a thing girl lying down with an apple just out of her reach lol.

    it may only be artwork, but that is a suppressor on that assault rifle. hoping it is a sign of things to come :-)

      This scene was in the trailer, so yeah silencers seem to be in :). Hopefully we can take the attachments on and off--would be odd to have an ak47 type weapon only to have a permanent silencer attached to it constantly.

      God yeah I hope you can take them off, it'd be the first thing I'd do. Slowing the bullet down and making mad firefights quieter is like taking out Pamela's implants and dying her hair black. Sure she was gaudy before and maybe it's even an improvement but I expect certain things

    I liked 4. It had a darker more adult story and the add ons where the fun part. I like being treated like an adult.

    GTA was never about not being treated like an adult. It's always been an all around fun crime sim with fun tongue-in cheek elements, as well as having a wacky or satirical flavour FOR adults. The GTA games were most definitely never made for kids, they just never took themselves too seriously and that's apart of the old school GTA charm.

    GTA IV had some impressive tech, but the core gameplay wasn't all that fun. More slow, clunky and took itself too seriously at times. Almost in a pretentious manner. Much of the old school wacky charm wasn't there until the Ballad of Gay Tony came along. But even then the gameplay was still the same, sacrificing fun in favour of realism. i,e over animated and clunky character movements, which looked good but wasn't anywhere near as fun in practice as previous games.


      Also, artwork is nothing to go by, not only do I need to mention fingerless gloves and a few other things, but Rockstar have lied about and misrepresented a handful of things about upcoming GTAs starting with III.

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