This Week's iPhone Charts: Can Felix Fix The Bad Piggies?

Last Tuesday we brought back our weekly iPhone charts, listing the best paid and free games available for the long phone and its ancestors. This week we get to see how those charting games like to move it, move it.

Only one week out and already I'm beginning to see some trends forming. For instance, the paid iPhone apps charts shift and change a lot less that the free ones, likely due to the fact that picking up a free game is a more whimsical affair than putting down your hard-earned money.

I also suspect that we'll be seeing a lot of the previous week's iPad charts showing up in the iPhone section, which is more a function of the Tuesday/Thursday timing than anything else.

Let's take a look at the winners, losers and debuters.

Top Paid iPhone Games - October 23

1. Bad Piggies Last Week's Position: 1 (0) I've got a feeling Bad Piggies is going to be sitting at the top of these charts for quite a while. Might want to pack a lunch. Bad Piggies on iTunes

2. True Skate Last Week's Position: N/A The finger-tapping skateboarding game that made a splash on the iPad charts last week makes the transition to the iPhone charts. Welcome, skater dude. True Skate on iTunes

3. Sonic Jump Last Week's Position: N/A Sonic the Hedgehog's new-ish iPhone game makes its charting debut, casting the speedy hedgehog as some sort of jumping expert, because what the hell. Sonic Jump on iTunes

4. Minecraft - Pocket Edition Last Week's Position: 4 (0) Minecraft has dug into this number four spot and refuses to budge. Send in the Creepers! Minecraft - Pocket Edition on iTunes

5. Plague Inc. Last Week's Position: 5 (0) Another game that refuses to give ground for anyone, or perhaps the other games are just keeping their distance. Plague, Inc. on iTunes

6. Slender-Man Last Week's Position: 2 (-4) And it slowly dawns on the iPhone-wielding horror fans — this isn't a very good game. Slender-Man on iTunes

7. Tetris Last Week's Position: 8 (+1) The forward momentum for Tetris is likely due to the major motion picture I've been making up in my head for years. I could be wrong here. Tetris on iTunes

8. Fruit Ninja Last Week's Position: 10 (+2) Where Tetris goes, Fruit Ninja is never far behind. They are bound by honour. Bound by duty. Bound by staples. Fruit Ninja on iTunes

9. Angry Birds Space Last Week's Position: 7 (-2) Are the space birds really going to let the bad piggies get the best of them? I expected better Angry Birds Space on iTunes

10. Wipeout Last Week's Position: 9 (-1) Just a short little push and I never have to look at this game's screenshots again. We can do it. Wipeout on iTunes

Sad that there were only two new games on the paid iPhone charts? Buck up, my little ponies, the free charts are here with seven new entries that I had to build from scratch because people who aren't paying for things are fickle.

Top Free iPhone Games - October 23

1. Fix-It Felix Jr. Last Week's Position: 2 (+1) Wreck-It Ralph hysteria continues to grow, and so does the rank of its free iPhone tie-in. Fix-It Felix Jr. on iTunes

2. Monster Quest Last Week's Position: N/A Direct from last week's iPad charts comes the monster hunting sensation that's sweeping the iOS nation. Still avoiding it like the plague. Monster Quest on iTunes

3. Flow Free Last Week's Position: 5 (+2) Primary colour puzzles are certainly moving up in the world. Flow Free on iTunes

4. The Price is Right Slots Last Week's Position: N/A Another refugee from the iPad charts, this is a game that's almost entirely unlike playing The Price is Right. The Price is Right Slots on iTunes

5. Bike Race Free Last Week's Position: 10 (+5) Perhaps this whole free biking thing deserves a little more looking into after this week's substantial leap ahead. Bike Race Free on iTunes

6. Streaker Run Last Week's Position: N/A This is a game about a naked man running down the street. People love naked men, it seems. Guess that means I have to get naked. Streaker Run on iTunes

7. Ragdoll Blaster 3: Deluxe Last Week's Position: N/A The fun thing about the free chart is that it's often populated by premium apps that briefly go free for a special promotion. This is why you should read this every week. Ragdoll Blaster 3: Deluxe on iTunes

8. Home Design Story: Halloween Last Week's Position: N/A People just really enjoy their Halloween-themed social mobile games. Caught my wife playing the restaurant version of this last night. I almost cried. Home Design Story: Halloween on iTunes

9. Marvel: War of Heroes Last Week's Position: N/A Somehow I completely missed the release of a collectible card game for iOS based in the Marvel universe. I'm fired. Marvel: War of Heroes on iTunes

10. Flick Home Run Last Week's Position: N/A Another one of those temporarily free specials, and one you should definitely pick up. This is one of my guilty pleasure games. Flick Home Run on iTunes

And that's it for this week! Tune in next Tuesday for another pair of charts filled with intrigue, heroes, pigs and naked men.


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