Watch Nine Minutes Of The Mass Effect Anime, Right Here

It's totally understandable to be wary of the upcoming Mass Effect anime. The track record for these kind of adaptations is... spotty at best.

So it's awful nice of FUNimation to share this nine-minute clip, giving us an extended look at how the flick is shaping up.

It's... well, it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is out on DVD (and Blu-Ray) on December 28.


    The Krogan looks nothing like a krogan in some scenes

    there are some flaws, like the design of the krogans, as well as Vega doing side-flips and back-flips everywhere, but its quite decent actually.

    You see the engineer drones can actually be used to scout, and to the energy shocks.
    You see biotic powers like Push, singularity, cryo ammo, a krogan charge and sniper head-shots.

    Never really used the shot gun in the game, so not sure if the range of the shot gun is actually that far, or if it can fire with such frequency.

      Lol. You make great points but I think they're the furthest thing from what the filmmakers care about when they're making a movie.

      They're always going to do what's best for the story.

    Yay it's about a character I don't give a shit about. No amount of trying will ever make me. If I could sacrifice him for some ultimate ending I would.

    Seems good tho gory

    Its pretty good but was annoyed to find certain characters who were important to the game were voiced by different actors.

    I can't help but note that guy with rimmed glasses..... Seems very out of place considering we were meant to have advanced so much technologically in this time....

      Yeah, people can use biotic powers at will, but still have to nip in to Laubman and Pank for their prescription glasses?
      I at least hope Quarians will somehow feature in this, i don't think i've seen anything of them yet.

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