Weird Nintendo Swag Lets You Make Your Own Mario Moustache

Not that Nintendo needs to really sell the Wii U right now, since the first shipment is guaranteed to sell out on name alone, but they're selling it anyway. Part of that sell is this random piece of retailer swag that... lets you... make your own Mario moustache?

Shaped like a Wii U, you put the goop in, you press it down into the mould, and hey presto, a Mario moustache.

I really want one. Not for moustaches. For moustache-shaped cookies and cupcakes.

Random Time! - Have we already seen the weirdest Wii U toy? [Go Nintendo]


    The word 'SWAG' is for faggots and douchebags. =/
    Also, that is some terrible marketing on Nintendo's part. Playdo in a Wii U controller shaped lunch box..
    Epic fail..

    Last edited 25/10/12 9:16 pm

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