Agent 47 Kills People (And Watches A Man Pee) In This Living Breathing World

The latest trailer for Hitman Absolution is all about the game's world, about the people who inhabit it. The cops who dance badly, the couples who argue, and the men that Agent 47 watches in the toilet.

Despite the massive controversy over Hitman Absolution's earlier trailers, its a game that's largely gone under my radar, but after enjoying the hell out of Dishonored I'm quietly keen for another game that allows me that kind of freedom. The problem with Hitman games, for me, have always been the lack of world building, or the inconsistency within that world, but the above trailer is pretty convincing. I'm extremely keen to have a good mess around in this universe.

Don't know if I'll spend that long watching men urinate though. Not really my thing!


    Really looking forward to this, Hitman Blood money was so fun and had a huge amount of replayability, from playing it rambo style to super stealth to stealth mass murder to no deaths to playing around with all the different tools and costumes.

    Remember the Oprea mission, I played it so much I managed to finish it in under 3 minutes, no direct murder, never spotted and found. I would walk in, knock out the construction worker in the bathroom, dress up, sneak around back to the change rooms change the prop gun to the real one then move upstair and rig the lights to explode. The target is shot dead by the prop gun and the other target runs down to the stage which explodes ontop of him. By the time that happens I am already dressed back into my suit walking out of the building.

    I hope absolution lives up to blood money.

      Omg yes. Seriously one of the best games I own on 360. Just an all round terrific game.

      Walking out of the areas undetected looking like an absolute badass with my sniper brief case are some of my greatest gaming moments. Its funny that I can visually follow your description of the opera level so easily; most of the hitman level layouts are imprinted in my mind from trying to perfect my silent assassin methods :P.

    It was two seconds! Hitman seems to get fair amount of shtick from Kotaku AU.

    Anyone who never played the first game when it first came out just won't get the importance of this series, when compared to it's peers.

    Unless it's Kojima next to you in the urinal, right Mark?

    Looks great, hope the mechanics/level design match the visual quality. I hope they include a bonus level remade from the originals (pre blood money since the graphics are still somewhat decent) like contracts did; my pick would be a re-remake of the hotel level (obviously) but I really loved the Russian missions and the mission where you infiltrate the manor in the rain (smother the guy with the pillow :D) or the penthouse mission or the...damn I hope this game lives up to its predecessors :(, blood money left the series on such an epic note.

    in blood money theres a mission at a cristmas party or something any way i thought one of the gaurds saw me so i ran into the toilets and hid in the stall a man walked in trapped me between him and the toilet and pee'd all over 47



    Preordered! If the Sniper Challenge is a good indication this game should be good. Hope the missions have as many hidden secrets as the Sniper Challenge.

    I remember one of the contracts was to kill a man at a big party, I followed him upstairs, as he passed an open door, whipped out my silenced baller, bullet to the head, gun reholstered all in 2 seconds, drag the body into the nearby room and hide it.

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