Hitman: Absolution Will Somehow Let Agent 47 Kill Dudes With A Plunger

This "Tools of the Trade" trailer makes a point of showing us all the different things that Agent 47 can turn into deadly weapons in the bald death-dealer's return to consoles and PC. Some of these implements makke sense, like the pistols, submachine guns and sniper rifles that the camera lovingly lingers on on.

And others — like the hula girl, coffee mug and antiquarian bust — seem like they'd require a bit of ingenuity to dispatch fools with. Whatever happens with that plunger, though, is sure to be unsanitary. Good thing 47 wears gloves.


    That doesn't even makke sense.

    The upcoming video mentioned in the last 10 or so seconds is more Hitman than this vid. :(

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