Atomic's Final Cover Is Perfect, And Makes Us Feel Sad

Earlier this month Atomic Editor David Hollingworth announced that Atomic — as a magazine and a website — would be merging with PC & Tech Authority, meaning that Atomic, as a standalone magazine brand would be no more. I thought that was a shame. I've always thought that Atomic, in terms of its premise and the audience it served, was a really cool and unique proposal so I was sad to see it go.

Today it seems like subscribers are starting to get their copies of the final print edition of Atomic and it's a beautiful, and slightly tragic thing.

I'll be very sorry to see Atomic go. It looks as though the unique viewpoint that Atomic brought to PC gaming and tech is being integrated into PC & Tech Authority, so it's not completely done and dusted, but still — thanks for everything!

Thanks Matthew!


    I haven't bought a copy for quite a while, but before the internet was so widespread on phones, this was the only magazine I would get for a bus or plane trip.
    Sad to see it's finishing up :(

    It was an honour getting to work alongside the Atomic team and even occasionally write for such a bloody awesome title. Very sad to see it go.

    Atomic was the perfect blend of tech, software and harcore science based Technology lesson. It took me alot of different magazines until I found it and have been reading it ever since. Goodbye atomic.

    Shouldn't it be: X(

      Only if they're dead. The staff are fine and will keep writing, so it's more sad than tragic, I reckon.

    I remember buying the first issue, that magazine was targeted almost directly at my face with what It covered in the PC space.

    Was always rather amused by the fact that Logan ended up doing writing both here and for GIzmodo.

    All power to our Art Director, Sam Grimmer, who came up with that cover. He showed it to us, and it just seemed perfect.

    Goodbye, large chunk of my life and career. You were so good.

    brb going to newsagent to buy final copy - might buy two and frame one as a collector piece...


    I'm probably part of the problem as I let my subscription lapse a few years back, but Atomic will always hold a place in my heart... and my computers. Their step-by-step guides were invaluable in teaching me how to set up a linux boxes that could run at the heart of my home network. In fact my iptables firewall script is still called atomic.firewall!

    I shall be buying this last issue for sure. *salute*


    What is so sad is so much iconic media dying. Its only going to get worse as outlets struggle to get money from advertising both in print and online. And with so many people accessing their favourite sights from work where ad blockers are in place, it means the sites get paid for less clicks and views. Love the easy access of sites, but what makes them easy to access can often be what kills media.

    Atomic gave me everything, really. If Ben Mansill hadn't taken a chance on me, then a high school dropout from Campbelltown, I might still be delivering pizzas for southwest Sydney's more interesting residents today*.

    I'd never trade my five years on the magazine for anything.

    (*God, I hope I'd have done a bit better than that.)

      Logan, I bought every episode of Atomic MPC since Mansill and Gillooly (i?) days. Was an avid reader for 6+ years.
      When you took over, the quality of writing went south for me - when I read a respectable magazine I expect less analogy between a poor performing hardware and grandmas undies.
      Not necessary...
      Your writing might have been witty to a few people - but to me you dumbed it down too far.
      The magazine also became so focused on glorifying a community of readers who attended LANs and other social events with Atomic - you Guys kinda forgot a lot of quiet people who made up a backbone of readers. It's a shame, I really enjoyed Atomic.
      As then editor, you called shots on the direction of the mag and content.
      I'm always going to blame you for taking a quality magazine down several notches, congrats.

      Now that I know you are from Campbelltown, it kind of explains the potty humour (I'm in Ingleburn :) )

        Don't you think that your comment was not only inappropriate, but incredibly rude and petty?

          Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but I will admit it's not the sort of reply I was expecting given the circumstances!

          Hi Tadmod, no, I don't feel that way. I've never met Logan, I don't know what he is like.
          You or Logan may think it as a personal attack - for me it was not.
          My comment above is a reflection on the years I read Atomic MPC, and how I felt about it once Logan took over - surely criticism is a part of a Journo's life? I imagine Logan is tough enough to handle it.
          Apart from the Campbelltown bit (which was a joke) - the rest holds true as my personal opinion, nothing more.

        That's not very nice! Geeez dude. Quiet and socially inappropriate, you're quite the guy!

        I agree with you. This is the point where I starting losing interest also. That's not to say Logan was a bad writer/editor, just not my style and certainly not as hard core as I would have expected from Atomic.

    Dismal magazine. No big loss.

    And nothing of value was lost.

    A very sad day for all :( I feel that Atomic is what spurred on my passion for gaming and pc modding/ building.

    So Long and thanks for all the fish :(

    I will buy the issue and shed a tear. Atomic was a huge part of my life, and even though I haven't read it in a couple of years, it will always hold a special place for me.

    I'll definitely be buying this last issue for all of the great articles this magazine gave me through my high school years. It was a great magazine always filled with interesting articles. I always read each issue back to front and it's sad to see that it's going to go.

    Kudos to the atomic team, past and present.

    Been a subscriber for years, it was my one xmas present which I knew I would always get. But to be honest I told my wife to not do it again this year then I see this news, its sad but I kind of get it :(

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