Bad Port Or Bad Hardware? We're Already Hearing Complaints About Wii U Visuals

As Nintendo's first high definition console, Wii U will join the never-ending, nothing-really-proven debate between the PS3 and the Xbox 360 over which console's visuals for whatever multiplatform game are superior. Some people are convinced it's a bad port, while other feel it's due to inferior hardware.

It doesn't sound like Mass Effect 3 or Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge are the best candidates to show off the new console's graphical capabilities. 1Up, in its review of Mass Effect 3, said the game "seems a lot less visually stable" than the Xbox 360 version, with choppy frame rates, "rougher" animation and even worse audio (in the game's spoken dialogue.)

NeoGAF has almost unanimously judged this to be a lazy port courtesy of Electronic Arts, with some expected moaning and groaning about third party development on Nintendo hardware. There may be some question as to how well the Wii U's hardware can handle ports of something developed for another console.

1Up didn't seem to think it was a lazy job. "There was some actual thought put into this port, which is always nice to see," 1Up said in its review, although it was praising the integration of the GamePad and the unique details and features it brings to this game.

IGN says Ninja Gaiden 3 isn't going to win a beauty pageant, either. "Razor's Edge is arguably uglier than its cousins," its review says, citing "bland textures and a bad case of the 'jaggies'". However, its framerate remains smooth. 1Up said Ninja Gaiden 3 can hang with either the 360 or PS3 "until too many things start happening at once." That reviewer noted some bad frame skip, but it wasn't predictable and its source wasn't easily identifiable.

We're not reviewing either title but we will be providing impressions, with video, of Ninja Gaiden 3 soon. And we'll keep our eyes peeled in our play=throughs. But it's not like this issue is going to be settled based reviews of launch-window ports.

A Look at Mass Effect 3's Uneven Wii U Outing [1Up]

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Review. [IGN]


    This is *probably* due to developers not being familiar with the hardware, and it'll get better with time. But by then, the Orbis and Durango will be out. I'm still not entirely sure what Nintendo was trying to accomplish with the WiiU. They're behind the curve on every front.

    I think it comes down to ports. Wait for some Wii-U exclusive games and see then. But also factor in that while we have some nice looking games now on 360 and ps3, the launch titles, in comparison, were nothing that great visually. It generally takes devs a while to push the hardware.

    Last edited 18/11/12 9:35 am

      I would argue that. The giant enemy crab game had garbage gameplay, but damn those visuals were an impressive showcase for the PS3.

    How many times since the eb expo have i posted this same thing? Wii u has terrible frame rates. Its almost unplayable at times

    Yikes, this is a worry, have preordered my wii u and mario to start me off but I have to be honest and say i was looking forward to the wii u titles being AT LEAST on par with 360 versions (I have a 360 with about a million games). I pray that developers or Nintendo don't fall over on offering some superior looking or smoother running titles. To think it could be worst due to the nature of finicky dev tools is something I really thought Nintendo would be on top of o.O

    So it's already the bottleneck of the 3 HD consoles assuming it's bad hardware. What will happen to WiiU when Xbox 3 and PS4 come out? Shovelware again or will multiplatform games will be only as good as the Wii U version? I doubt devs will make 2 versions of the same game one for PS4/X3 and another for WiiU. Maybe 2 different devs.

    I find all of these discussions amusing. For me I am completely confident that the the wii U is a more powerful unit than either the 360 or PS3. The question is more how long will it take to show this and how much more powerful is it (maybe not a great deal). To grab hardcore gamers attention they need to show it sooner, not later. If they wait until the PS4 or next xbox they don't stand a chance. I think COD and assassins creed will be interesting to see, but with regards to the other ports, we already new they were not great ports before being released. This can already be seen in demo clips. But assassins creed and COD have been touted as having great visuals. If these fail to impress against the current consoles then it will definitely put others off from adopting this system early.
    Lego city undercover looks great and I think this looks as good as any lego game I have seen.
    Also the real selling point is the game pad. My unit will be in the room next to my garden. So the idea that i can chill outside while my kids play and do some gaming is great. It was for this reason i sold my vita to buy one.
    Also on a last note regarding power. I have a ps3 and also had a 360. Is the PS3 not technically a lot more powerful than the 360. Yet can anyone even tell this at the moment from the visuals or games.

      You sold a portable game console... So you could get a new semi-portable console..?

        I bought the vita so i could play games in the house while the tv was on etc. I.e. I could still game and watch tv with my wife at the same time. The Vita was never used outside of the home. Otherwise yes it would be a strange thing to say. I got it for portability around the house and the fact i could use it without needing a tv. ( Also for x play and the expected run of decent games that never happened). I sold it for almost the same price as a wii u, thats a great trade off IMO.

    Porting games should be a perfect translation: just like the PS3 version of SKYRIM.

      Yeah that was awesome. I especially love all the DLC that came out for the PS3 version.

      Just like Fallout 3 was!

    Really bad PR for NIntendo here. If they don't address this soon it could mean a loss in sales.

      lol, Watch out nintendo!

    ME3 was ported by an Australian company too (an offshoot of Tantalus iirc)

    I blame EA because, you know, it's EA.

    Will see how Zombi U does visually before alarm bells ring

      3rd party games on launch more than likely suck.

      Pro Tip: save some cash- stick with 1st party for now bro!

    Keep in mind that the Wii U games at the expo that werent first party games were dev kits. Only Mario Bros and Nintendo Land were retail copies.

    NEWS: Lazy developers = Bad ports. Clearly we need to BLAME NINTENDO?!

    To be honest I'd prefer if assassins creed, mass effect and COD weren't being ported at all to the WiiU- I wish their fan-bases would stay exactly where they are...

    I'm getting a WiiU- I'm not buying any games for it that aren't developed by Nintendo, Capcom, Konami, TREASURE, Bandai Namco etc etc

    The only machine you should be playing western games on is a Desktop PC.

    First 6 months of ports on any new console are shithouse. Honestly, it's not worth buying a console until it's been out for a year, until developers are used to the hardware and can begin exploiting it. Especially one as oddball as this.

    If anything, EA just wants the competitor consoles to do better.

    That's right this is terrible news, Australia needs more success stories even if they are ports.

      Exactly. Especially if we are to convince the government that their $20 million in funding isn't going to be wasted.

    The WiiU will hold back development for PS4 because of its shit specs? Man go back to the early 90s where there were like 10 different versions of the same game from the Commodore 64 to Amstrad to Atari ST to Amiga to IBM, all drastically different specs...and yet...

    Ah, this sucks. I was hoping for Straight Right to nail it. We need some good news for the Aus game development scene, and there aren't too many companies out their doing console dev. Hoping that the game's good enough and sells well enough to keep them around.

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