Ninja Gaiden III On Wii U: Well, It Sucks Less

Ninja Gaiden III On Wii U: Well, It Sucks Less

When Ninja Gaiden III came out, I was none too kind to it. As a long standing fan of the franchise, it just did too many questionable things: QTEs in combat, long-winded villains and an uncomfortable scene in which you’re forced to murder somebody while he pleads for his life and the welfare of his children.

So when I popped Ninja Gaiden III: Razor’s Edge in I was surprised to find, well, an actual Ninja Gaiden game. The combat feels more like Ninja Gaiden I & II and they even removed the awkward dad-murdering scene. Hey, thanks for that!

In the video above, you’ll see a sample of some of the more traditional combat from one of the challenge modes in the game. Does that mean it’s great? I haven’t played it enough to make a decision. But I do know that it sucks less than it used to.


  • Remember when Itagaki said this game was going to fail so hard because the new guy directing it was a giant wannabe? I thought he was being a bit arrogant when I heard it at the time, but now…

  • So they took out all the crap and added all the stuff that made Ninja Gaiden II awesome??! Where’s the update for the Xbox release?!

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