Everything I Can’t Stand About Ninja Gaiden III

Everything I Can’t Stand About Ninja Gaiden III

There are times in life when you shouldn’t mess with a good thing. To me, Ninja Gaiden III exemplifies this. Why are there Quick Time Events in Combat? What’s with all the cheesy British stereotypes? What the heck happened to the Ninja Gaiden I know and love?

In the video above, you’ll see exactly what I mean. In the video we present every weird and questionable design decision I came across in the game.

Come back, Itagaki. We miss you.


        • It wasn’t just that, he had been in pretty serious trouble on and off for years for sexually harassing female co workers and I get the impression he was asking for more of everything than was reasonable. Also I’m pretty sure it was more of a pre-emptive quitting.

  • My advice, Get over it. How do expect growing developers and game artists to evolve their understanding and artistic ability in a game world if they don’t try something new every once in a while. You will probably find with the next game a lot of the features players don’t like about this game will probably be removed or replaced by different features.

    • Except that these aren’t innovative changes, they’re the same things we’ve seen many times before in other modern titles. That’s more the problem than the fact that they changed the formula, that it was changed to be more like other games.

      • the boss in ninja warriors would beg you “please dont kill me!” over and over until you did. and that was in 1994, so yeah been done before. but maybe thats a cool reference. tarantino can get away with it.

  • I’m pretty sure that slow walk has been in other NG games… It’s been 5 years since I’ve played one though.
    Also watching the video it looks like they’re trying to make it similar to Ninja Blade (which I loved but I can understand why people might dislike it).

    • According to some Japanese game company, they did extensive research into what Western markets want and they discovered it was QTEs. Amazing.

  • Yep those points, but you forgot to mention a few things (from what i know about the game from all the info i’ve heard, still haven’t played it yet):
    -ONE FUCKING WEAPON. That’s it, you get a katana. Just adds to the lack of depth or strategy in the combat. Oh yeah they’re releasing two others as DLC, whoopdeedoo. Finding new weapons along the game’s progression, experimenting, knowing what to use against what and upgrading them added depth and pacing to the game. Now it’s the same pace the whole way through
    -ONE FUCKING NINPO that can only be used once you kill enough dudes and refills your health bar. It’s the same cinematic event every time, killing everyone around… you sometimes.
    -No store or essence. The store and currency provided a diversion/pacing, sense of progression and strategy. No essence means no strategy to doing a quick charge ultimate technique, now UT is kill a random amount of enemies, arm glows and then you perform a few insta kills.
    -No healing items. You can only get health back after the battle and casting your one off ninpo. Again, strategy gone as well as second chances in a difficult boss fight. If you lose health, there’s no way to get it back until you beat the boss (or die).
    -No items at ALL. Gone is exploration, finding little chests off the beaten path to gain a healing item, life of the gods, golden scarab, etc.

    I’m still going to buy the mother fucker because I want to play it for myself as I love Ninja Gaiden, but I bet i’ll be taking it back pretty soon after. Then I’ll buy Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3 next year when they fix this fucking mess

    • Are you serious!?

      How the hell did they drop it this badly!?

      I may actually cancel my pre-order. Or at least I’ll decide after more reviews come out.

    • See I ragequit my borrowed copy of NG2 at the third boss because, frankly, I suck. I suck hardcore at this kind of game. This, Devil May Cry, anything that requires you to be quick and on your toes and string together awesome combos and whatnot. I heard NG3 was pretty easy so I thought “oh well, sounds ok for a gormless monkey like me”.

      But wow, that sounds really awful.

  • can someone that has played this game for a while now please confirm for me that there are no other weapons besides your sword, bow, and only one Nipo? i got the game yesterday but haevnt played it much. if there is only one weapon and one nipo im not playing it anymore……

    • @follow up

      Yes, I’ve played it unfortunately. The game is so damn short, they couldn’t add a weapon if they wanted to. Such linear progression. Its boring.

      There is only one weapon (post dlc) and one ninpo to make this one hell of a crappy sequel.

  • I’ve never played Ninja Gaiden but all I see is a ninja fighting a t-rex and that’s alright with me.

  • So disappointed in this release. They absolutely ruined the series, there’s no arguing it what so ever. Some MAY like the game, mostly those not familiar with NG, but even from that perspective its still quite a mediocre game. But the true stupidity, as the owner of the video pushes, is that they had a working system and they threw it out the window for this crap. Way to screw over your series fans.

    Hm idea, if disgruntled ME3 players can protest for a different ending, maybe us die-hard NG fans can do something similar, except they should remake the WHOLE game.

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