For Your Consideration: The Second Annual Saxxy Awards

Valve has opened the voting for the second annual Saxxy Awards, celebrating cinematography in Team Fortress 2, and a winner shall be crowned on November 30. Why so soon? Well, because the best overall winner is going to be announced at the Spike Video Game Awards on Dec. 7, and the video is going to be shown live.

In that case, my vote is for this four-minute, 45-second retcon of the history of the Saxxy Award (above), and the revelation of its creator, mostly because the whole shebang is 15 seconds under the five-minute limit and would require Spike to devote 1/20th of its broadcast time to a fan film. The voting page is here. Get to it.

Saxxy Awards [Steam]


    If you guys don't go and vote for Bad Medicine, I will be a very sad panda.

    i like that one but i think "till death do us part" is better.

    Didn't like Bad Medicine, just looked like a drug trip or something. 'Til Death Do Us Part' is seriously incredible though, gives me chills

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