Get Eaten By A Shark In This Far Cry 3 Trailer

Now that Assassin's Creed III has been released, Far Cry 3 is Ubisoft's next big release. This new trailer is the latest in a series of narrative based trailers, and it's a bit of a humdinger. I haven't had much chance to check out the single player, but I quite like the direction the story itself is heading in.

Seriously though — it looks like the player takes a fair bit of punishment in this game. Eaten by tigers, eaten by sharks? Jesus...

Far Cry 3 is set for release November 29.


    This game still not available on Steam... it's a shame because I would've definitely pre-purchased it had it been available. Looks like now they aren't going to release it to Steam till AFTER the release, so they can gloat about their UPlay distribution platform being so good.

    Another Origin, UPlay, GFWL "forced" title is sad.

      Although they did confirm on their twitter that it would be on steam?
      I'm assuming by trends that it'll come online the week before.

      To me the launchers aren't a major issue although gfwl is terrible ill give that and origin is biggest issue with titles online but they don't take up any more resources and fairly quick and easy to open or close

      If u really dislike having to use them then just loaf your game from desktop shortcut, loads the launcher in the background then the game and just ignore the launcher all together and once running in the background they use 0 CPU, next to no memory and once running any other game loads in a couple seconds and even quicker with win 8 I have found, I don't know what everyone's issue is it would be nice to have all games in one place but they are competing so its just business and think of it this way if u had all your in one place(steam) and u lost that account somehow then that's all ur games gone not just the select on that platform

      Sorry for the wall of txt but doing this from phone lol

        Yup.. basically dislike having everything all over the place. The last time I got a game outside of Steam that couldn't be activated as a Steam product, I regretted that purchase. You can usually add a game to Steam launcher.. but some games just don't work like that.. or if they do, they don't fully integrate with Steam etc.

        It's not so much that I hate UPlay but more than I want all my toys in the same toy-box.

        And yes, they did confirm it would be on Steam... but they actually didn't specifically say it would be pre-purchasable, even though that was the question asked... now that we are less than a month away from release, it seems odd that there'e not even been a single acknowledgement of people's questions on when it will appear on Steam.

        While this will undoubtedly be an awesome game.. I do indeed have many other games to play in its place.. and the pre-purchase bonuses being offered, in the digital stores, are hardly worth worrying about.. so I am actually not too bothered about waiting.

        What I am bothered about is the way Ubi have handled this and that they will tell their shareholders how successful the UPlay platform is.. just like we saw with Origin last week, announcing how many users they have etc,..

    "Like Skyrim with guns", how?

    Anyone else notice the gaps in the bamboo prison cage, are big enough for Gabe Newell to squeeze through?

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