Here's The First US Wii U Commercial

And it’s not bad! Lots of diversity. Some people making faces that people don’t normally make while playing video games. Weird dubsteppy music. But at least nobody’s saying things like “I’m not a gamer, but...”


    The music really irks me, it's so grating.

    As for the ad, I just kept finding myself saying "enough people pretending to have fun, let me see the games!". Kind of annoying to see 1 second of blurry game footage, next to 10 seconds of happy family bouncing around.

      That's true, but for some reason, shots of people having fun is what sells. I personally thought they couldn't of done that ad any better, showed a lot of diversity and made it obvious it was a new console.

        How did it make it obvious though?

    After they see this - I reckon a million parents think this is a new peripheral for their wii . As opposed to a new console.

      You know what? I couldn't agree more.
      Until I saw the outro screen with the actual console hardware there was no real indication of it being anything other than the tablet controller. Even then, it looks similar enough that it may confuse a lot of parents.

        Especially when the wii and wii u look so similar. AND they are playing with the wii remotes they bought the kids last xmas.

      I'd doubt it. I think people who were originally confused by Nintendo's terrible announcement might still be watching these ads through that same lense.

      It shows the console, it calls it all new, it doesn't mention the Wii on it's own....

      I also think at the end of the day Nintendo won't be too unhappy about people thinking it's a continuation of the original Wii. A lot of people who bought them aren't hardcore gamers and would be vey happy about the prospect of backwards compatibility, still being able to use old controllers for multiplay ect.

        The only time it really shows the console is behind the tablet, so it's really not highlighted well.

        I guess you have more faith in the gaming knowledge of the average parent than I do :P

      They might but I don’t see the problem. Parent goes to their local department store:
      Parent: I want to buy a Wii U
      Store clerk: Here it is
      Parent: Oh, I thought it was just a new controller
      Store: No it’s a new console
      Parent: Oh, ok.

      I don’t see how else this scenario would play out. Are the parents NOT going to buy a WiiU because they thought it was just a controller? I seriously doubt it. Are they going to complain about it? Maybe but I doubt they would take it very far. They’ll probably just feel a bit stupid. Either way, this thing will sell.

      PS. I agree the music is annoying and it's already stuck in my head. But I guess that's the point I suppose.

        There is quite a price difference.

    4 Weeks to the day to go! Hooray! Rejoice Nintendo Fans. 28 Days is not a long time to wait for HD Nintendo Gaming. Brilliance. Nintendo. Rejoice. Hooray! Yes. Nintendo-

    Buy a Nintendo.

    I think it sucks, its nothing on the original Wii Launch advertisments

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