Here's What You Get For Beating Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney

Upcoming 3DS game Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney has some special downloadable content available to players once they finish the game.

According to a Japanese game magazine leak, the content includes the game’s unedited script, which is written by Ace Attorney lead developer Shu Takumi. There’s also a “Puzzle Solution Mode” and a bonus gallery of outtakes. Neat Easter Eggs for those who complete the game!

クリア後に閲覧可能になるDLCが配信 [ゲーム情報!ゲームのはなし]


    not sure if i'll be able to handle all the pointing that will feature in this game...

    Last edited 01/11/12 10:33 am

    One month.... So fucking excited...

    Wait... DLC that wasn't original gameplay levels removed.
    I love you Nintendo.

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