Hey, 2012, Deus Ex Called; They Want Their Bionic Arm Back

Deus Ex: Human Revolution happened in 2027. Last year's hit stealth/action hybrid featured Adam Jensen, a lead character who sported cool, lethal cybernetics in his rebuilt body. Nigel Ackland isn't a shooting/sneaking action hero, but he's a huge step closer to the augmented humans in Deus Ex's future.

The bebionic B3 prosthetic that Ackland is outfitted with receives signals from muscle twitches in his upper arm. These inputs can perform a range of motions that let him do things like hold a mouse, shake hands and write his name.

While it's great that it lets Ackland to all kinds of normal activities that he couldn't do before, he's not exactly superhuman. But hey: it also has a trigger pull motion. All he needs is some upgrades and a trenchcoat to be a dystopian cyberpunk hero.

Or he could drink more robo-beers.


    Thats just amazing. Absolutely amazing. When he picked up the eggs? Mind = blown.

    That is awesome. It has taken them a while but some of the more recent advances in this area are amazing and show great prospects for near full function replacement in the not so distant future.

    He pours beers better than I do :S

    Seriously though that is properly amazing.

    Dude can open beers with his robo-fingers alone! I think I'd chop my own arm off for that robo-replacement.

    Would argue about HR being a 'hit', game sucked arse. The arm is cool though

    Hmmm, still not quite there.. Check out the work of people like Kevin Warwick, he has had a robotic hand running directly from a chip implanted in a nerve cluster (FOR SCIENCE!!! He has both his hands, he's just a bit of a loony researcher)

    Next step, connecting the nervous system to allow commands from the brain.

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