OUYA Updated To Jelly Bean Before It’s Even Released

OUYA Updated To Jelly Bean Before It’s Even Released

The crowdsourced OUYA gaming console has just beaten out pretty much every new release Android handset by updating itself to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean before it has even been released.

For the uninitiated: OUYA is the little $US99 Android-powered gaming console that could. It launched on Kickstarter to a huge fanfare a few months ago and walked away with a stupid amount of money.

OUYA announced in a development update yesterday that it was ditching Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) in favour of a better piece of software:

I’m happy to announce OUYA will run on Android Jelly Bean, the newest version of the Android operating system. We’re making the jump from the old version, Ice Cream Sandwich, to ensure that we’re running on the most up-to-date software available. You asked if it could be done, we looked into it, and we made it happen.

I’m still not entirely convinced by OUYA, but it’s good to see that even before the console is released to market that it’s being packed with the latest gear. Here’s looking at you, Motorola, Sony and Samsung.

The update from OUYA also contains a whole bunch of interesting hardware sneak peeks, too if that’s your thing. Hit the link for more. [OUYA via Engadget]


    • I want it mainly as a cost effective (power wise) Plex client for my bedroom TV, so I can get rid of my stupid energy sucking, turbine engine sounding, old laptop.

      Games like Canabalt etc are just a bonus!

    • It will not be mobile games but it is running of the android OS however a modified one for the system with games being made specifically for it by developers. Allowing for a much easier distribution system for developers. I personally am not even worried about that, more looking forward to the potential n64 emulator on it 🙂

  • Unfortunately for them jellybean MkII (4.2) was just released so technically it won’t be running the most up to date software (though the changes would have minimal effects on the console anyway).

    The Ouya seem to be running its own custom version of android anyway so appart from project butter there probably won’t be a whole lot of difference, it’s good of them to update though when no one forced them to (compared to phone designers that ignore their customers)

    • It just means that the APIs for the developers are the most up to date, which is good… For the developers… And us I guess.

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