Planetside 2 Looks Like One Enormous Murder Simulator

Planetside 2 Looks Like One Enormous Murder Simulator

The whole point of Planetside 2 is that it’s a big shooter. Even by Battlefield or ArmA II standards, it’s enormous. Big maps, even bigger battles. To give you an idea of just how big, take a look at this amazing video.

This is apparently 100 per cent “organic”, in that none of the actions were staged or manipulated in any way. It’s just one of the game’s big battles shot rather nicely, then uploaded so we can all enjoy.

We (and you!) had an interview with Planetside 2’s senior art director Tramell Isaac and creative director Matt Higby earlier today, which you can check out here.

A fly on the wall [YouTube]


  • Game is full of bugs though, Australian server is down every second day, half of windows 8 users have to unplug their usb devices, then plug them in. I had an issue where the GUI had no text and to resolve it i had to change the language then change it back, i had to manually install direct x 9 ( aren’t we up to 11?)

    But apart from that, its an okay game…

  • Why would you complain about a game not running well on Windows 8? No seriously…

    Works great on my Win7 machine 🙂 I’m actually pretty impressed with how well it is working, given that its a new MMO style game. Happier with an every-second-day Aus server than none at all (and wait 3 weeks for the game to release btw).

  • Annoyingly my computer struggles with the game when its heavily populated, but what I have played has been a lot of fun, I’d recommend it to others especially now the Australian server seems to have been fixed

  • Great game. Particularly for a F2P.
    As a fan of Planetside 1 I certainly can’t complain.
    Loving the Aussie server (despite the few hiccups in the first few days) and whilst it is not without its bugs, Sony seem to be jumping on them pretty quick-smart with regular hot fixes.

  • I never play COD, BF3 or the likes, but I thought I would give this a try (I love SciFi ) and well, I love it. The dynamic battles and the constant stress of trying to hold of the swarms of enemies and 3 way fire-fights are fantasticly cool. A little buggy, yes, but it’s early days. I never thought I would go back to an SOE game but here I am enjoying myself in FPS from SOE.

  • Planetside is “okay” unfortunately, you have to play with friends or join an outfit to actually have fun since the general population seems to be unfriendly.

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