Sackboy Is The Best Around, Nothing's Ever Gonna Keep Him Down

Aled Lewis is an artist who specialises in pixel art amongst other things, which resulted in Sony asking him to remake a handful of iconic movie moments using video game characters, for the release of PlayStation All-Stars. My personal favourite? Sackboy as Danny Larusso from Karate Kid versus a giant Kratos as Johnny.

There are others — a take off of Reservoir Dogs, and a pretty massive Shaun of the Dead effort. Really cool stuff.


    Looks better than the silly game I regret buying :p

      didnt like it? what was the issue? I was considering getting it shortly.

        The BETA was fun and I'm looking forward to playing the full game. The game is getting positive reviews everywhere, albeit they say the best way to know if you'll like the game is to buy it. I think it's unique play-style throws some people.

    Wait a minute.... Jak 1 Jak has a gun! He didn't get guns until the sequel! That's just silly.

      Wait a minute... Ratchet losing to Jak? That's just silly! :)

    Can't say I like the Sackboy one. He looks like he has a bent nose.

    Totally unrelated:

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