I was quite proud of my last ScribbleTaku. Not bad at all (by my standards). Congrats to bob who guess correctly — it was Shadow Complex. I really loved that game.

Anyway, good luck with today's terrible, terrible drawing...

ScribbleTaku is Kotaku’s newest lunchtime game. We give ourselves 30 seconds to draw an old game on a sticky note, and it’s your job to guess what it is! Come back every day at noon for a new ScribbleTaku! Feel like sending one in? Shoot us an email here.


    The Dig.


    Looks like some kind of post apocalyptic Frogger where the world is now nothing more than empty roads and floating logs.



        Except that it needs a terribly drawn, I dunno, Lady Gaga in the background to make it truly accurate.

    Music 2000 on PS1???


    Sleeping dogs (the kareoke part)

    Super Mario Brothers 3

    The first rule of Balloon Fight club is: You do not talk about Balloon Fight club.

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