Sony's Glass Controller Sure Beats A Gold Watch

After five years with the team, Sony Computer Entertainment America PR man Jeff Rubenstein recently left the company. In leaving, however — or at least for being there for five years before he left — we get a chance to see something neat.

Behold, SCEA's five-year service reward/award. Sure, five years doesn't sound long, but in a world where people jump careers like Mario jumps flagpoles, five years is forever. And this sure beats a gold watch.

It's also an improvement from Sony's previous five-year award, which was a clock. A clock that looked like something you'd get from SkyMall.

Jeff Rubenstein [Twitter]


    When I worked at Telstra you had to do 10 years before you got anything.

    I can't even remember what you got. Oh wait, yeah, it was called 'long service leave'.

      You now get a plaque for 5 years of service with Telstra. My friend got his not too long ago.

        I wonder what TSA gives..... they can never keep their contractors more then 12 months before entire floors are made jobless.

    Five years with EB gets you a pen and a $200 bonus. They really try hard.

    10 years with Coles and you get a 25 dlar voucher for, you guessed it, Coles!!

      I think I can spot the reason you work at Coles.

        USED to work at Coles, when i was a teenager. Thanks for assuming. And what might that reason be?

    I think it's after about twenty-five years of working for Coke, they give you a pallet of your favorite drink... each and every year until you die.

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